Waterproof Full Spectrum LED Fixture 8850.00 - Tunze

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Waterproof | Effecient | Full Spectrum

Recommended Spread: 14" x 8"

The Tunze LED system is a full spectrum light that is super easy to mount. Mounting the light is done with a magnetic holder that can hold the light in multiple positions and orientations. The innovative design is fully waterproof and is perfect for refugiums, and nano tanks. 

  • 8000K to 25000K Adjustable Color Temp
  • Magnet Mounting System
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Aluminum Heat Sink
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Contact Free Control Sensor
  • Absolutely Silent



Suitable for refugiums, soft, corals, and even some hard corals, the full spectrum LED fixture is pushing 14w of lighting power when it is mounted in the air, but when submerged in the water the light will be able to use up to 26w of power. Placing the light under water will help transfer the heat generated from the light to the water, removing some of the strain on your heaters and keeping the light cool, ultimately saving energy.



Controlling the 8850.00 Full Spectrum LED can be done with the included magnets for mounting the light. By holding the exterior magnet (or any other) against the non-cable end, and that will slowly change the spectrum and intensity of the light. As soon as the magnet holder is removed, the setting will be stored in the fixtures internal memory, until it is physically changed again. 

The Tunze LED light can also be controlled by the Tunze 7097 or the SmartController 7000.



The simple magnetic mounting system securely holds the light from the center of the fixture or the cable end making it perfect for a sump-based refugium. The aquarium safe magnets will work on glass or acrylic up to 1/2" thick. The long power cable gives you enough distance to put the light where ever you desire, and the power supply in a dry location. 


Coverage Recommendation

  • Recommended Spread: 14" x 8"
  • Max Spread: 18" x 12"



  • Max Glass Thickness: 1/2" (12mm)
  • Dimensions: 12" L x 1.0" W x 0.7" H
  • Power Consumption: 14W/26W @ 24V (air cooled/water cooled)
  • LED Mix: 71 (1 watt) Osram LEDs in a mixture of cool white, 450nm blue, Green, and Red.


What's Included?

1x 8850.00 LED Light

1x Magnetic Mounting Set

1x Power Supply


Owner's Manual Specification Manual

Owner's Manual Owners Manual

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Product Name Waterproof Full Spectrum LED Fixture 8850.00 - Tunze
SKU 210130
UPC 4025167885013
Lighting Type LED
Max. Light Coverage (Length) 18 in.
Max. Light Coverage (Width) 12 in.
Color White
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