In honor of our 15 Year Anniversary, we've reflected upon what it means to carry the BRS Recommended badge and have curated this page as a collection of our absolute favorite gear. At its very core, Bulk Reef Supply was built around helping reef aquarists succeed and this seal of approval is how we honor and identify the very products that share that common goal.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the BRS Recommended products, we have a team of reef aquarium experts available to help. More often than not, you'll find that our service team will have personal experience with a majority, if not all, of the products bearing this badge because this is the gear we use on our reef aquariums here at BRS. 

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Aquarium Lighting

What we value most in a reef aquarium light is the ability to supply a sufficient spectrum and output to support coral growth, ease of use, and quality construction that will withstand use around your aquarium. In the age of LED, dialing in your lights is one of the most challenging steps to creating an artificial reef environment, and the ability to tune the light correctly while also allowing some level of personalization in terms of appearance is critical to earning our appreciation.  

RO/DI - Reverse Osmosis

Bulk Reef Supply's RO/DI systems have long been an industry-leading product because we built the systems ourselves to meet the specific needs of reef aquarium owners. We chose only those materials and accessories that met our standards of quality and provide you with sufficient options to choose exactly the system or component you need without having to overspend.

Pumps & Powerheads

Choosing a pump can quickly be poisoned with analysis paralysis because it is one of the most diverse categories when it comes to brands and selection. While it's true, there are plenty of pumps that work very well, we chose only those pumps that not only meet our standards of quality and performance but are also branded with a name that values service and support. 

Sand & Rock

The appearance of your aquarium is important to maintain satisfaction in this hobby and the foundation of that appearance is your substrate. Both the rock and sand inside your aquariums set the scene while also providing a biological foundation for a balanced ecosystem to thrive. You might notice the list of products is surprisingly short in this area, not because of a general lack of options but rather because the value we find in these particular choices is unsurpassed. 

Top 10 Heater Tips

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Heaters & Chillers

A quality-built heating element is surprisingly difficult to find in this hobby, even though temperature control is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy aquarium. Heaters are just one of those pieces of gear that you know are going to require your careful attention because they are under constant operation. Switching on/off and heating the water 24/7. While nowhere near as common, chillers sort of fall into this same category because when they are necessary, the reliance upon and constant abuse they experience is unavoidable.  

While we cannot circumnavigate the need for stable water temperatures or overcome the nature of wear and tear, we have found some superior solutions that help to reduce the chances of running into a problem with your aquarium's water temperature.  

Filtration, Reactors, and Protein Skimmers

From media reactors to skimmers, this category covers a wide gamut of applications in the way of aquarium life support. Quality construction, ease of maintenance, and a reasonable level of warranty and support are the common thread. No matter how simple or complex your filtration is, the gear MUST be reliable and perform as expected because the lives of your tank inhabitants depend upon it. 

Salt Mix & Maintenance

While success can be found using any of the major salt mix brands, there are just a few brands that rise up because they are made using high-purity ingredients which results in a quick-dissolving salt that mixes clear and won't leave unsightly residue behind in your mixing container.

ATO - Auto Top Off

What makes an ATO system BRS Recommended? Redundancy; an ATO system that provides you with multiple protections against failure and the peace of mind that your tank's salinity and water level will remain stable.

Fish Food

Nutrition is one of the most overlooked aspects of keeping your fish free of disease and looking their best. While fish can survive on a relatively basic diet, the ability to THRIVE in your aquarium hinges on receiving nutrient-rich, high-quality food that closely resembles the nutrition they would acquire naturally. Additionally, having the right tools to deliver that food so that all of your fish, both big and small, are able to obtain the nutrients they need.   

Coral Food & Nutrition

Corals are animals and just like any other member of your aquatic community, they require balanced nutrition to look their best and remain unencumbered by the confines of your aquarium. We have found that providing high-quality coral food like "Reef Chili" alongside an amino acid supplement will ensure optimal growth, maximum coloration, and help your corals resist infections and disease.  

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