Top Ten Aquarium Heater Tips For Beginners

Heater related failures are the #1 cause of tank crashes and related catastrophes around an aquarium. Don't be another statistic and use these Top 10 most valuable tips for using an aquarium heater safely and successfully and avoid those costly mistakes!

  1. Air temperature dictates the water temperature.
  2. Don't place your heater somewhere it can run dry.
  3. Use two heaters so you have a safety net.
  4. Replace heaters or heating elements annually.
  5. Find the thermostat.
  6. Place your temperature probe logically in the display.
  7. Set temperature to 78 degrees.
  8. Use a thermometer in addition to the heater temp. display.
  9. Consider the heater length.
  10. Calibrate your heater or at least identify the variance.

Aquarium Heaters and Temperature Controllers

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