hw-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

hw-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix
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hw-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

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Quick Overview

HW-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix is a high purity blend of salt mix produced using the a synthetic process and does not contain any recycled components. Uses high grade materials to match natural seawater while providing natural calcium and magnesium concentrations to match natural seawater.

  • One of the first synthetic salt mixes ever produced

  • No anti-caking agents

  • No chemical or environmental pollutants, no nitrates, phosphates or silicates

  • Natural, stable pH and optimal alkalinity

  • Contains no EDTA which can chelate many necessary trace elements

  • Used by major universities, public aquariums and laboratories across Europe

  • Makes approx. 160 gallons (600 L) of salt water


Full Details

hw-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix is highly used for professional aquarists as well as for research and developement organizations. hw-Wiegandt has been producing aquarium salt for over 50 years experience producing salt mix, boasting its professional use in public aquariums, universities and research facilities since 1968.


Specifications: (when mixed to 35ppt)

pH - 8.1-8.3

Alkalinity - 8.7-9.7 dKH

Potassium - 385-420 mg/l

Calcium - 400-440 mg/l

Magnesium - 1240-1320 mg/l

Chloride - 18700-20000 mg/l


hw-Marinemix is produced under strict quality control guidelines using a biocatalyst system based on the analysis of natural seawater.


BRS recommends using a complete salt mix, to save money and time on testing supplies and major element adjustments.


20 Kg box with Resealable polythese bag


6 Items

  • Great for FOWLR By Benjamin on 9/15/2015

    I was using the Reefer HW mix in my FOWLR tank until this came out. Best salt there is for a FOWLR tank, no question. A bit expensive, but you're paying for quality.
  • try it. highly recomended By will from ct on 7/27/2015

    I have used many brands of salt this is by far the best so far .
    My corals thrive , it mixes thoroughly and disolves fast . I'll never go back to any of the others.
  • Updated from previous review By Richard on 2/5/2015

    I too originally purchased this because the Reefer style of salt was our of stock. I think this salt should only be used in a FOWLR system. I have been using this salt for about 4-5 months and coral growth is not happening. Everything is happy in the tank just very very slow growth. So while I think it is a great salt for a fish only system and it mixes well it should be avoided for reef systems. I was going to switch to the "reefer" style but since I can only get it from BRS then I changed to reef crystals and if that doesn't work I will go to Red Sea Coral Pro. Happy reefing!
  • Great product, mixes with not mess By Richard W on 1/19/2015

    I recently started a new 75 gallon in wall reef tank and wanted to use a new salt that I haven't used before. Glad I chose this salt mix my reef inhabitants couldn't;t be happier. Int the past I used IO and had a hard time maintaining consistent results.
  • Very Disappointed By Devin on 1/17/2015

    I got this mix instead of the reefer, because they were sold out. I thought it being a HW product it was the same! I WAS WRONG!!!! This mix will not mix clear! It leaves a white pasty residue in the mixing tank, and all over the powerhead and heater. Also there are undisolved solids on the bottom of the container. Very disappointed with this! I would buy the reefer only from now on!!!
  • hw-Marinemix By bearclawws on 1/6/2015

    I like this hw Marinemix professional and all the elements are exactly in the range I prefer for a marine aquarium. I can see why BRS recommends this over other salts. It's worth the price because I am particularly picky when it comes to what I use for breeding my clownfish . I would use their other salt for a reef. I wrote the manufacturer and Annette Bell sent this response, so I posted it here in case anyone needs the element values on this professional hw-Marinemix. Its always good to test any salt you buy to make sure its giving you the values you want, but don't forget to have your salinity at the recommended level when testing.

    The average values, solved at a salinity of 35‰ in full demineralized water, are as following

    Element Ø value range

    Magnesium (Mg): 1.268 mg/l (1.236 - 1.300 mg/l)

    Calcium (Ca): 408 mg/l (398 - 420 mg/l)

    Kalium (K): 395 mg/l (375 – 414 mg/l)

    Natrium (Na): 10.648 mg/l (10.382 - 10.914 mg/l)

    Chlorid (Cl): 19.280 mg/l (18.800 - 19.761 mg/l)

    Sulfat (SO4): 2.701 mg/l (2.633 - 2.768 mg/l)

    dKH: 8,2° (8,17° - 8,80°)

    pH: 8,15 (8,02 - 8,27)

    With kind regards

    Annette Bell

    Wiegandt GmbH


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Product Questions

I received this product the other day. I mixed it up to a salinity of 1.024. There is a white filmy residue all over my mixing container and power head. Is this normal? Is it harmful to fish?
Question by: Kristin Courtney on Apr 19, 2016 7:33:00 PM
Great question!
It is very common for a white residue to form on the container and powerhead. This is precipitation and is not harmful and often can be washed off and dissolved into the salt mix. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 26, 2016 12:52:00 PM
how much salt per gallon to reach 1.026?
Question by: Lori Bryant on Mar 26, 2016 10:52:00 AM
Great question!
It will vary and you will want your refractometer to find the correct amount however typically it is around 1/2 cup per gallon. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Mar 28, 2016 11:40:00 AM
How many gallons does this make
Question by: adam on Jun 9, 2014 7:23:00 AM
It will depend on the salinity you mix it to but it will make 158g if mixed to a specific gravity of 1.024
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Jun 9, 2014 7:23:00 AM