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hw-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix 160 Gallons - HW Wiegandt

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HW-Marinemix Professional Salt Mix is a high purity blend of salt mix produced using the synthetic process and does not contain any recycled components. Uses high-grade materials to match natural seawater while providing natural calcium and magnesium concentrations to match natural seawater.

  • One of the first synthetic salt mixes ever produced
  • No anti-caking agents
  • No chemical or environmental pollutants, no nitrates, phosphates or silicates
  • Natural, stable pH and optimal alkalinity
  • Contains no EDTA which can chelate many necessary trace elements
  • Used by major universities, public aquariums and laboratories across Europe
  • Makes approx. 160 gallons (600 L) of salt water


Specifications: (when mixed to 35ppt)

pH - 8.1-8.3

Alkalinity - 8.7-9.7 dKH

Potassium - 385-420 mg/l

Calcium - 400-440 mg/l

Magnesium - 1240-1320 mg/l

Chloride - 18700-20000 mg/l


hw-Marinemix is produced under strict quality control guidelines using a biocatalyst system based on the analysis of natural seawater.


BRS recommends using a complete salt mix, to save money and time on testing supplies and major element adjustments.


20 Kg box with Resealable polythese bag

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