Red Sea has long been one of the leading innovators in all-in-one-style aquariums. From the original Red Sea Max to the very popular Reefer and Reefer XL series aquariums, the selection spans a multitude of tank sizes with a variety of different feature sets. No matter your budget, space constraints, or experience level, you will likely find a Red Sea Aquarium that speaks to you. 

The Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula is the latest addition to the innovative Red Sea lineup of aquariums and is one of the most complete AIO-style nano aquariums on the market. The new dimension features longer side panels so you can enjoy your reef from more than just one angle. The tank only measures 23" at its widest point and has been designed so that all of the critical life support equipment sets inside the four outside walls. This compact profile, the unique dimensions, and included life support system are what make this little nano reef one of the most attractive AIO tank kits for both beginners and advanced hobbyists alike.

Red Sea Nano Max Peninsula
Red Sea Nano Max Peninsula
Red Sea Nano Max Peninsula


  • Tank Dimensions - 18" L x 23"W x 18"H
  • Total System w/ Cabinet (excluding light) - 18"L x 23"W x 52"H
  • 5/16" low-iron glass panels
  • Total System Water Volume - 26 Gallons
  • Filter Volume: 3.5 Gallons
  • Freshwater Reservoir Volume: 0.4 Gallon
  • Return Flow Rate: 240 GPH
  • Lighting: 50 Watts
  • Available with a black or white cabinet stand.


  • Glass aquarium made from low iron glass
  • Weatherproof finished flat pack cabinet stand (Black or Pearl White)
  • Internal rear sump filtration
  • Integrated protein skimmer
  • Gravity ATO with freshwater reservoir
  • Filter media bag & Reef-Spec Carbon media
  • Sponge bubble trap
  • 240 GPH circulation pump
  • Integrated switchable power center
  • Wifi controllable LED Lighting
  • Surface skimmer and multidirectional return nozzle

Package Contents

Everything You Need To Build a Thriving Reef

The Nano Peninsula is truly and all-in-one aquarium that comes with so much more than your typical nano tank. The rear sump filtration houses your media of choice, along with a protein skimmer, return pump, and sponge bubble trap. The integrated gravity auto top-off rests above the filter chambers without interfering with filter maintenance or operation.  You can slide your aquarium heater of choice down into the back filtration compartment under the protein skimmer so everything is neatly hidden from view. 

The included 50 Watt ReefLED Light is powerful enough to sustain soft corals, LPS corals, and mixed reefs containing SPS corals throughout the aquascape. The light comes with a convenient hinged tank mount with a dual-switched power center located at the base of the mount. Here you can switch off your skimmer and return pumps which are both powered using a single power cord. The ReefLED light is very easy to set up using the ReefBeat app on your smartphone; simply connect to the light using wifi and follow the instructions provided in the app. 

The weatherproof finish on the sturdy cabinet stand produces a premium look and feel and assembly is quite simple using a basic phillips head screwdriver and soft mallet.