The High Range Nitrate Checker from Hanna Instruments may not seem super exciting but the reality is, its an almost revolutionary device in the world of aquarium water testing, specifically nitrate testing.

Classic color reference style test kits have never really been all that reliable because they leave so much room for error during test procedures. You then have to rely upon your own ability to compare and contrast colors to get in the ballpark of your water's nitrate levels. Up until last year, electronic nitrate devices were super expensive, complicated, and most certainly not pocket-sized reserving them for only the most important laboratory applications. End of the story, hobbyists have never really had a great solution for monitoring nitrate levels accurately... until now. 

With their team of scientists and engineers, Hanna Instruments produced the first ever nitrate colorimeters as part of their ever-expanding Checker Colorimeter lineup. The device is compact, affordable, accurate, and relatively easy to use.