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Paracoccus Powder - Bulk Reef Supply

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    A Natural Source of Astaxanthin and Other Carotenoids!

    Bulk Reef Supply's Paracoccus Powder (astaxanthin powder) is derived from a bacteria that is grown in a controlled environment and converted into inactive dried bacterial cells as an additive for many prepared foods to help increase fish coloration. Now you can get the concentrated powder on its own to add to any other fish and invertebrate food. 

    • Use as a soak when rehydrating frozen or freeze-dried foods
    • Will help increase red and orange coloration in marine fish and invertebrates
    • Derived from Paracoccus Carotinifaciens in a controlled environment
    • Paracoccus has approximately 2.1% astaxanthin
    • Great for wrasses, clownfish, shrimp, & more!


    One Size Available:

    • 2oz


    Storage - Store Paracoccus Powder in a cool dry place to help slow oxidation. We even suggest putting it into a resealable bag in between uses.


    Main components - Natural lipids and proteins produced by Paracoccus cells.

    Primary colorant - Natural astaxanthin.

    Secondary colorant - Natural adonirubin, natural canthaxanthin


    Primary Carotenoids

    • Astaxanthin - 21 g/kg
    • Adonirubin - 8 g/kg
    • Canthaxanthin - 2 g/kg

    Major Components

    • Moisture - 3.5% w/w
    • Crude Protein - 52.5% w/w
    • Crude Fat - 1.9% w/w
    • Crude Fibre - <0.1% w/w
    • Crude Ash - 3.9% w/w
    • Nitrogen-free extract - 38.2% w/w


    What's Included?

    1x 2oz Jar Paracoccus Powder


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    Note - Not for human consumption


    Due to customs restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to Canada.

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