Best Reverse Osmosis & RO/DI Equipment of 2022


It's all about finding the right tool for the job and our selections for the Best RO/DI Equipment of 2022 are focused on function. We highlighted the three most popular RO/DI systems which will cover 99% of the tap-water sources in the United States. Add the slickest booster pump in town and an economical upgrade kit and you get the best performing, most economical tap water purification system possible. 


Aquatic Life Smart Buddie Booster Pump

Aquatic Life Smart Buddie Booster Pump

Aquatic Life really nailed it with their Smart Buddie Booster Pump by simplifying the setup and automating the operation. With labeled ports, you can quickly integrate the pump into your existing RO/DI system without complicated plumbing or wiring. Once installed, the automated flush and pressure switches completely control the operation of the pump.


It creates optimal water pressure going into your RO/DI system which allows for the best possible production rate and waste/product water ratio. The Smart Buddie also features an automatic flush event that rinses debris away from the RO membrane before use which prevents clogging and increases the lifespan.  


5 Stage Premium Plus RO/DI Systems

5 Stage Premium RO/DI System

The 5 Stage Premium Plus Systems are the best-selling RO/DI system because they will effectively filter almost all municipal water supplies or groundwater wells. The best part is, you can easily expand the system with additional DI canisters should you find some hard-to-remove contaminants.  

You can choose from either the 75, 100, 150, or 200 GPD production rates which should be chosen based on your particular demand for freshwater.  We always suggest the PLUS models which include the flush valve, pressure gauge, and TDS meter so you can maximize the lifespan of your RO membrane and easily monitor the filter cartridges' performance. 


4 Stage Value RO/DI Systems

4 Stage Value RO/DI Systems - Alkalinity, Phosphate, and High-Range Nitrate

Hands down the best value, our 4 Stage Systems are priced under $200 and give you a fully functional RO/DI system to produce 0 TDS fresh water. You can then easily expand the system and add various accessories to suit your particular water quality and demand.

All of the value systems include a complete set of high-quality filter cartridges, auto-shutoff valve, wrench, and manual flush valve so you're not compromising convenience or performance. Everything you need for installation and connection to your home's water supply is included so you won't find yourself running to the hardware store either.  


7 Stage PRO Plus RO/DI Systems

7 Stage PRO RO/DI Systems

This hot rod RO/DI system is a chloramine-busting, water purification machine with 7 stages of filtration designed to efficiently eliminate hard-to-remove contaminants without wasting DI resin. 

What sets the 7 stage system apart is the Triple DI Saver which engages single-bed cation and anion DI resin followed by a mixed-bed DI resin for extra polishing. This allows you to filter more water, for less money, and have the peace of mind that harmful contaminants will not find their way into your tank. You also get the advantage of our dual-stage BRS Universal Carbon Blocks for efficient chloramine removal with your choice of production rates up to 200 GPD to meet your needs. 


Water Saver Upgrade Kit

Water Saver Upgrade Kit

Adding a second RO membrane with the water saver upgrade kit has a couple of great benefits. First and foremost, you effectively double the production rate of your RO/DI system meaning you can produce 0 TDS water twice as fast. Because the second membrane works by using the wastewater from your first membrane, you will also reduce your wastewater production by up to 50%!  

The wastewater kit comes with all of the parts you need as well as the mounting clip to attach the second membrane right on top of your existing membrane housing.  The kit is super easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes.  


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