120 gallon Cyanobacteria Treatment Bundle - Dr.Tim's

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Earn 165 Reward Points Earn 330 Reward Points

      Get rid of unsightly cyanobacteria the natural way!


      Dr. Tim's treatment regimen uses the bacterial strains within Re-Fresh and Waste Away to create natural competition against unwanted cyanobacteria. By breaking down sources of excess nutrients and exporting them from the water column through skimming, these beneficial bacteria will restore balance to the aquarium and push out cyano without the need for harsh chemical treatments. 


      Available in Three Sizes

      • 120 Gallon Treatment Bundle
      • 240 Gallon Treatment Bundle
      • 480 Gallon Treatment Bundle


      Directions For Use

      In a nutshell: the goal is to convert nutrients into bacteria and remove the bacteria with your protein skimmer. For best results, you need a skimmer or filter sock to remove the bacteria that will be produced and to help prevent bacterial blooms that may result in loss of livestock.


      To Start - First, try to manually remove as much of the cyanobacteria/algae as you can. Turn off UV and skimmer (plus ozone if you have it) for a few hours after each treatment.  


      NOTE - if the water starts to turn cloudy, turn all filtration back on ASAP.


      Day 1: Dose Re-Fresh to your tank at a rate of 5 ml per 10 gallons, then wait 48 hours.

      Day 3: Treat with a full dose of Re-Fresh again. Wait 48 hours.

      Day 5: If Cyanobacteria are noticeably disappearing, begin dosing Waste-Away. We STRONGLY suggest you start with 1/4 (or less) of the normal dose. Turn the skimmer, UV and ozone off for 2-4 hours immediately following treatment. If the water starts to turn cloudy, turn these back on ASAP. Do not dose and leave the tank unobserved at first! Every tank reacts differently - watch your’s closely. Wait 48 hours.

      Days 7: Dose Waste-Away.

      Day 9: Dose Waste-Away. 

      Day 11: Dose Waste-Away.

      Day 12: Do a partial water change.

      Day 14: Add Waste-Away Time Release Gel


      After 48 hours, do a partial water change. Your tank should be looking better but in some cases you might need to repeat the treatment. Also you should think about why you are having this problem: are you over-feeding, is the tank over-crowded, are you over-skimming? Once clean, we recommend using Dr. Tim’s Waste-Away Time Release Gels on a monthly basis to maintain a clean, healthy tank.


      *Precautions - If at any time the water turns cloudy, TURN ON YOUR SKIMMER. DO NOT add more Re-Fresh or Waste-Away until the water clears. Do not dose both on the same day. Proceed slowly with dosing Waste-Away. If the tank becomes cloudy do not increase the amount of Waste-Away. A little bit each day or twice a day is better than a single large dose.


      What's Included?

      • Dr. Tim's Cyanobacteria Treatment Recipe Card
      • Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh
      • Dr. Tim's Waste-Away

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