The Tunze Magnetic Coral Frag Rack

Flick through your reef-related Instagram feed and sooner or later you will stumble across a floating reef. While not floating in the true sense of the word, these structures give the illusion of a floating reef by having all rockwork and corals high up off the bottom in midwater.

Most have been created by the tank owners themselves and consist of some sort of plastic structure fixed to the glass panel then covered in rock and corals for an impactful, seemingly gravity-defying reef display. Enterprising reefers may have achieved it with a simple magnet frag rack, one thing leads to another and soon you have a ready-made floating rock solution that you can plug and play within minutes.  

The Tunze Magnetic Coral Frag Rack maybe wasn’t intended to be used in isolation and instead provided a more harmonious looking frag rack in larger, established reef tanks. But put it on its own in a nano tank and you have a different ball game altogether, the rock magnet becoming the reef and main focal point and the only hardscape in the tank. Get the idea?

Floating nano reefs made in this way have their advantages too. No rock touching the base means it’s easy to vacuum any detritus up and with the right placement of a wavemaker, you’ll have zero dead spots under your reef. 

But if you want to add corals all you have to do is uncouple the structure, lift it out and place the corals while the whole thing is outside of the tank. Much better when using epoxy or cyanoacrylate and super easy to do too. The Tunze Magnetic Coral Frag Rack even has pre-made holes to receive frag plugs. 

So if you’re wondering how to wow casual onlookers with a very different nano reefscape, give it a try.

Get creative and build a floating nano reef