Gryphon XL AquaSaw Diamond Band Frag Saw

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Gryphon XL AquaSaw Diamond Band Frag Saw

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Quick Overview

This Corrosion Resistant AquaSaw is designed for use with salt water and is generally used to cut corals. It is based upon the regular C-40, but has improvements designed to reduce maintenance when the saw is used in a corrosive environment, such as with salt water. The XL version of this saw adds about two inches of height to the saw, enabling the cutting of larger pieces.

Gryphon XL AquaSaw uses a 42" stainless steel blade.

Replacement Blades Available


Full Details

  • Simple construction with few moving parts
  • New High Speed Motor for fastest cutting available. Motor has sealed bearing for improved resistance to corrosion.
  • Direct drive - no belts or pulleys
  • Powerful motor located on top, away from the water. A shield is provided around the bottom of the motor to deflect salt water splash.
  • Huge water reservoir under the work surface
  • One square foot of unobstructed work surface
  • Under table blade guide and blade guide above table.
  • Metal parts are stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum.
  • Supplied with 42" stainless steel blade.



  • Motor: 1/3 hp Direct Drive DC
  • Maximum Clearance: 4.5" (5.75" with Upper Guide Removed)
  • Blade Speed: 40 mph
  • Platform Area: One Square Foot
  • Weight: 18.0 lbs
  • Coolant System: Recirculating tap or salt water
  • Coolant Reservoir: 10 inches by 9 inches
  • Tension Adjustment: Single Knob - Semi-automatic
  • Blade Dimensions: 37" circumference, .020" wide, .140" deep
  • Warranty: 1 year


4 Items

  • Fraggin sweet By Colin on 3/27/2017

    After trying to avoid the purchase of this saw for about a year I finally broke down and spent the money and boy am I glad! This saw cuts through corals and rocks with ease. The XL version is a must have if you are going to spend the money just buy the big one and be done with it. I used this to cut through some rock that was about 4' thick and it did great. Cutting through duncans, montipora, and favia have never been easier. The only thing I think the saw needs is a little work light by the band to see the piece you are cutting better. Go ahead and buy this saw and sell some frags it will pay for itself in the first few months.
  • light duty only By Rock Farmer on 11/22/2016

    I bought this with the intent of carving up 3" and 4" thick carbonate rocks, now I use a cutting drill bit and a chisel. My saw is only for trimming rough frags as a third finishing step. I am glad to have it but not ecstatic about what I got for the money. Gryphon's claims are overblown, the saw's plastic construction makes it distort when working hard, so the blade gets snagged and snaps ($40-50 replacement). It's ironic when they say cutting large pieces is "a snap" because that's what the pricey blade does with large pieces.
  • Large and Small Cuts By TNT Corals, LLC by Terri on 5/20/2016

    We were tired of our constant struggles with tension-setting, blade replacements and downtime from using the 'other' frag saw. The 42" Aquasaw is the go-to saw for us! We love that the motor is placed above water and has clearance to cut larger rocks from our colonies! Whether it's big cuts or small, precision cuts needed, the Aquasaw does it! Our recommendation for future upgrades would be a drain/flush area in the water resevoir. Invest wisely, buy the Aquasaw XL!
  • Great for cutting live rock By DanP on 4/4/2016

    Works as described and capable of handling the corrosive saltwater environment. Does a great job cutting through shelf rock to accommodate corners or just creat smaller pieces. Also very capable of flattening tops and bottoms of larger rock to make more stable building structures. It has about 5" of clearance without the top blade guard so it can't cut the biggest pieces but still a great investment when setting up a new tank. I'm looking forward to using it for fragging too.


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