Oceans Wonders Coral Stony Bone Cutter

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Oceans Wonders Coral Stony Bone Cutter

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Quick Overview

Oceans Wonders Stony Bone Cutter feature a sharp cutting edge that minimizes crushing and damage to coral tissue.


Full Details

  • Made from surgical grade stainless steel
  • 7/8" slightly curved jaw
  • No wound spring to trap moisture and rust like similar cutters
  • Great for precisely cutting hard and semi-hard corals
  • 6" length


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  • So far so good By Anthony on 1/29/2015

    So far, I like. They are a nice size, I like the little dohickey that swings around to make them rebound. I was not quite aware from the pictures that they had a curve but guess thats my fault for not doing more research. I will perhaps provide another review after more use.
  • Solid Construction - Decent Price By Calvin on 10/26/2012

    Overall i would say these are a god tool for fragging thing SPS corals. Remember to clean and dry them after each use or the metal will start to corode
  • easy to handle By Mary Beth on 6/10/2012

    good easy to handle cutters. makes strong clean cuts
  • good cutter By jmw on 4/1/2012

    A little pricy, but they are a good quality cutter.
  • Great Tool By Mike on 1/14/2012

    simple and easy to use. never get rusty
  • Great value By Brian on 1/13/2012

    You can't really go wrong with these cutters for the price. The spring open mechanism alone makes it better than my previous pair. Remember, stainless steel is rust resistant, but not rust proof, so be sure to wipe these down after use. Also, you can't tell from the picture, but the tip of these cutters is bent toward the the cutting side, making it more precise and easy to aim your cut.
  • Disappointed By Jeff on 9/21/2011

    I guess you get what you pay for is true...don't get me wrong, this cutter is ok and gets the job done. My main beef with it is that even though I rinse them off after doing any fragging, they are rusting in one location...at the point where the cutting heads swivel there are two flat surfaces that move over each other...it is on these surfaces where I've noticed rusting occuring...I have only had them for about 6 months and used them maybe 3 or 4 times so to me, this is unacceptable and the reason I gave it a low rating
  • a great buy By stephane on 8/5/2011

    these are awsome !!! they are half the price i paid for my lfs cutters and these are 10 times better...they are sharp and easaly get into ereas i can't even come close to with my other one..

    thanks for this great product..

  • Not a fan By 2sn on 4/9/2011

    These cutters appear to be decent quality, but functionally- I am far from satisfied. Unfortunately, with my cutter, the mechanism that is supposed to rebound the blades following a cut fails to function.

    I have a friend with an ancient pair of B.A.F. cutters with the spring mechanism that works far more consistently and with greater ease than this option (So much for the advertised advantage of this product over the spring loaded ones). His cutters are easily over 3 years old- never get a fresh water rinse- and they still put this product (brand new) to shame. I strongly advise against these b. cutters. I will maintain that the BRS brand bone cutters (offered in the deluxe kit) are far superior.

    Perhaps my cutters are just defective and my experience is just an anomaly. None the less, I hope this proves helpful for some.
  • Great for frags By Will on 2/23/2011

    Bone cutters make short work of cutting through live rock for fragging needs!
  • Good Quality By Joyce on 2/14/2011

    Finally broke down and picked up a pair of these cutters. Much better than the wire cutters I was using before. No worrying about rusting or dull cutting edges. These cut cleanly and don't rust.

    Great for the price.
  • well needed tool By frank on 9/26/2010

    If you frag alot like me these are nice and sharp and well made for SPS.


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