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DB-100 Fragging Band Saw with Diamond Blade

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The Inland Craft DB-100 is the perfect tool for the avid aquaculturist. If you have big fragging projects or are propagating a larger specimen, a diamond-coated band saw blade provides easier cutting and greater control than pretty much any other tool. 



  • Ideal for making delicate, precise cuts
  • Thin blade for minimal waste/damage
  • Built-in water cooled lubrication system
  • Integrated internal drain channels and drain tubes collect and funnel excess, dirty water away from the blade and prevent it from re-circulating throughout the saw.
  • Frame, cover and water reservoir are molded entirely from structural-grade thermoplastic. Interior support walls are extra thick for maximum strength and durability.
  • Large work surface is 9" x 10.75" and corrosion resistant.
  • Suitable for use as a fragging saw to cut stony corals and live rock.


Band saw machines are optimized for cutting shapes and curves, so when you need to carefully cut between polyps or remove small pieces without damaging your mother colony unnecessarily, you’ll find them perfectly suited to the task. 


The Inland DB-100 has a built-in coolant system which provides a continuous, regulated flow of water to prevent unwanted heat buildup which can harm your corals. The water also keeps the cutting area flushed so you get clean cuts.



  • Dimensions: 13”L x 10”W x 18”H
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 3”
  • Platform Area: 9” x 10.75”
  • Coolant System: Non-recirculating ( Use dechlorinated freshwater or saltwater)
  • Motor: Permanent magnet DC with built-in speed control
  • Motor Speed: Up to 3,400 RPM
  • Blade Size: 37.7”
  • Warranty: 90 Days

What’s Included?

Inland Craft DB-100 Band Saw

1x 37.7" stainless steel diamond band saw blade

1x BladeSert blade guide

1x Leather blade wiper

Instruction manual

90-day Warranty

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