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    The Tunze Magnetic Coral Frag Rock is the best way to show off your frags in a display tank setting. Grow your coral frags, or to add to your aquascape anywhere on the glass in your aquarium. The highly porous ceramic rock has a very powerful magnet that is carefully embedded into the back side of the rock. Holes are then strategically made allowing your coral's frag plug to securely be placed in the rock. The holes in the rock will fit the most common types of frag plugs, and other mounts.


    The Tunze Magnetic Coral Rocks are hand made, and will be slightly different in appearance, and overall size from rock to rock. They are made with a super porous ceramic material that does not require curing and will grow natural coralline algae and other life just like live rock.


    Two Sizes Available:

    • Magnetic Coral Frag Rock Nano - Hold up to 6 frag plugs
    • Magnetic Coral Frag Rock Long - Hold up to 8 frag plugs


    Coral Rock Nano Specs

    • Model: 0104.800
    • Capacity: 6 frag plugs
    • Average Dimensions: L 7" x H 5" x W 3"
    • Frag Plug Hole Diameter: 11mm (0.43")
    • Frag Plug Crown Diameter: 22mm (0.90")
    • Max Tank Thickness: up to 15mm* (0.65")


    *Glass thickness will affect the amount of dry weight the Magnetic Coral Frag Rock can hold. Glass that is 12mm (1/2") thick can hold up to 2.2 pounds of dry weight. Thicker glass, 15mm (0.65") can hold up to 1.0 pounds.


    Note: We do recommend rinsing off any loose dust and debris that may be on the rock from the packing and shipping process.

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