Premium Coral Frag Glue - Polyplab

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Premium Coral Frag Glue - 7 Pack - Polyplab

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Premium Coral Frag Glue - Grenade 25 Pack - Polyplab

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    Extra Thick Coral Frag Super Glue!

    Not all super glues are the same and Polyplab's Premium Coral Frag Glue is the perfect solution for larger frags and extended fragging sessions. The ultra-thick super glue gel has a bunch of uses, from regular fragging, aquascaping, or even placing entire colonies on rocks. The composition of the glue allows it to be workable for an extended period of time, allowing you to work with the coral for the perfect placement. If you need to work underwater, the tube design keeps water from being sucked back into the tube, keeping the glue within the tube from being compromised. Every tube comes with its own applicator stem, and initial use child protection ring.  

    • 8-hour working time
    • Perfect for long fragging sessions
    • Ultra-thick for large gaps and support
    • Tube design leads to less waste
    • Reacts and bonds in water within 5-15 seconds
    • Made for use with freshwater or saltwater


    Two Sizes Available:

    1oz Pack - contains seven 4 gram tubes

    Grenade Pack - contains twenty-five 4 gram tubes

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