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Made with N52 Grade Neodymium Magnets - Completely Reef Safe

Oceans Wonders N52 series of frag racks have been the simple and reliable frag rack that holds onto tanks up to 3/4" thick. The N52 Pro Frag Rack can hold up to 30 frag plugs at any given time from a variety of different manufacturers, even those large ORA frag plugs. 

Max Tank Thickness - 3/4"


Coral frag racks should be straightforward and easy to use. Many companies are coming out with colorful frag racks that can barely support their own weight, let alone 30+ coral frags. Oceans Wonders has always made a frag rack using high-quality magnets that can support massive amounts of frags. The N52 Pro is larger than its predecessors and has a more stylish external holder. The vertical stabilizing legs are an essential difference from other frag racks keeping the N52 PRO from tipping forward when the added weight from coral frags is applied.



Internal Dimensions - 12" L x 3" W x 0.75"H

Max Tank Thickness - 3/4" Glass or Acrylic


What's Included?

1x N52 PRO Magnetic Frag Rack

1x N52 PRO Magnetic Frag Rack Holder

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