Coral Frenzy has been one of the most popular coral foods for some time now. It is a great alternative to live or frozen foods since it is easier to feed, is an excellent value and has a much longer shelf life.

Newly available from Coral Frenzy are Reef Pellets that are available in 0.5mm and 1mm sizes. These pellets are great for target feeding your LPS corals, zoas/palys, anemones and even your fish. The recipe consists of some excellent seafood ingredients including squid, herring, shrimp enriched with vitamins and fish oil to boost the nutritional value. 

Dendrophyllia ready to have a delicious meal

To feed, simply mix the food with some aquarium water then pour the food into an area of high water flow for broadcast feeding. You can also target feed with a feeding tool like the Kent Marine Nautilus or Julian Sprung’s Thing.

The larger pellets are great for anemones and larger-mouths LPS corals such as fungia, wellsophyllia, lobyphyllia and acanthophyllia corals. The smaller pellets are great for small-mouthed LPS corals such as echinophyllia, mycedium, acanthastrea and favia corals. The smaller pellets are also great for palythoas and zoanthids.

1mm pellets are great for large-mouthed LPS corals... such as this fungia

In the past, the focus of keeping corals healthy and growing has been on water quality and lighting. It is only in the past few years that we have begun to understand the importance of feeding.

More and more foods made specifically for corals have become available and Coral Frenzy has been at the forefront of this movement. With three different products now available—the original powder food, 1mm pellets and 0.5mm pellets—you can now ensure that all of your corals are well-fed and happy!

If you have been wanting your Bubble Gum Monster Chalice or your Rainbow Acan to grow faster and develop brighter colors, here is your new weapon!

Smaller 0.5mm pellets are great for corals like this chalice