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ReefBlizzard-XC - Xtreme Color Powdered Food - For SPS, Softies & Larval Fish

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40g ReefBlizzard-XC - Xtreme Color Powdered Food

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ReefBlizzard-XC is a protein and pigment-rich food in a fine powder form, formulated to encourage strong growth and vibrant colors in SPS corals, filter-feeding invertebrates, and even larval marine fish. The powdered formula can be target fed to small polyped corals, which ensures your corals are getting the nutrition they need without unnecessary waste. For small plantivorous fish the food can also be used sparingly in the water column. With regular feeding, the astaxanthin will encourage true deep reds and oranges, and the natural marine proteins support strong tissue growth and long-term health. 



  • Fine powdered coral food for small polyp stony corals and soft corals such as Leathers, Mushrooms, Star Polyps, Zoanthids, and Palythoa.
  • Also accepted by plantivorous fish and motile marine invertebrates.
  • Bio pigment rich pellet with Astaxanthin for true deep reds and oranges
  • Provides marine planktonic and other rich marine proteins, essential marine oils and elements utilized in formation of coral tissue.


Available in Two Sizes

  • 40 grams
  • 150 grams

Note: Due to customs restrictions we are unable to ship this product to Canada


Feeding Guidelines

Store tightly closed in a cool dry location. For best results, shut down pumps. Mix one level scoop (use enclosed scoop) of powdered food with 1 to 2 ounces of filtered water. Use a syringe to target feed or broadcast feed, as desired. Do not overfeed!


If you desire to fortify the mix, you may use CoralAmino, Vitamarin M, Vītamarin-C or Restor or a combination. Allow to soak for about 5 minutes.

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