Nano Brine Shrimp

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A Delicious Snack for Fish and Coral!

AlgaeBarn's Nano Brine Shrimp are baby brine shrimp that arrive to you at their highest nutritional stage (24-48 hours post-hatch). The baby brine is shipped still as an egg and will hatch while in transit, allowing you to get the biggest benefit out of them. Brine shrimp are a great snack and as a baby, they are a great source for omega fatty acids and amino acids, but can also be enriched by feeding them phytoplankton before adding them to your tank. One other huge benefit is they work great at distracting your fish before you add copepods or other live foods. AlgaeBarn only uses decapsulated eggs that are proven to product much better hatch rates and do not pose any risk by feeding unhatched eggs. 


It is recommended to add brine shrimp a few minutes before adding copepods to your aquarium to help distract your fish, allowing the copepods to settle in without being hunted right away. We recommend 16oz of Nano Brine Shrimp for every 25-Gallons of display tank volume.


Four Sizes Available:

  • 16oz
  • 32oz
  • 64oz
  • 128oz


Perfect for feeding to:

  • Mandarin Dragonettes
  • Seahorses
  • Jellyfish
  • Anthias
  • SPS & LPS Corals
  • Clams
  • Juvenile Fish
  • Filter Feeding Invertebrates


Copepods are an essential part of a saltwater aquatic ecosystem for many reasons and it is common to get them as hitchhikers in your home aquarium, but it can be very hard to sustain their populations. In most instances, it is the adult copepods that are transferred as a hitchhiker and will be consumed pretty quickly, where the juvenile pods are commonly found hiding in your rocks nooks and crannies and will not be consumed nearly as quickly, giving them a chance to reproduce. It is common to need to supplement a phytoplankton food source for the pods, and using Ocean Magik Live Phytoplankton will ensure they have the proper diet to survive and thrive. 


Adding Brine Shrimp To Your Aquarium

First, inspect the jar for movement. You should be able to see small creatures swimming around in the jar, but if you notice little movement and a large brown mass on the bottom of the jar, it is likely the eggs didn't hatch during transit. Just remove the lid and allow the jar to rest for up to 48 hours, in most cases the eggs will hatch within 24 hours. 

Once a vast majority of the eggs are hatched you can pour the entire contents into your aquarium's display. We highly suggest turning off all the flow in your tank for 30 minutes after adding the baby brine shrimp. If you want, the baby brine can be enriched even further by feeding them a small amount of OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton, which will gut-load them, transferring the contents of their stomachs to the animal that consumes them. 

If you have a few eggs that didn't hatch, they can fed directly to the tank. Since AlgaeBarn only uses decapsulated eggs, there is no shell to pose any risk.


AlgaeBarn's Alive on Arrival (AOA) Guarantee!

AlgaeBarn takes all the worry out of buying live copepods and phytoplankton online by going above and beyond to take care of their customers.

That’s why they guarantee every order we ship will be 100% Alive On Arrival or they will replace it free of charge. They will even cover the shipping on the replacement.

When your order arrives, be sure and inspect the contents to ensure everything is looking alive and well before you add them to your tank or put them in the fridge. AlgaeBarn gives 12 hours after delivery to make sure you are completely satisfied. If for any reason you decide something isn’t quite right, simply snap a photo of the unopened item(s) you would like replaced. Be sure to get the expiration date on the back label in the photo. After that, visit www.algaebarn.com/claims and submit the form. They will review the photo and have a replacement out for you faster than a six-line wrasse at feeding time. Once your replacement order is processed, AlgaeBarn will send you a brand new tracking number automatically.

So start giving your tank the love it deserves and order with confidence knowing that AlgaeBarn has your back.

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