Korallen-Zucht has a product line created for the nutrition of your corals.

Pohl's Xtra Concentrate is one of the more popular KZ products and is used to enhance the colors of hard corals.

Pohl's Xtra Special is an special blend of the most effective Korallen-Zucht additives and is made for pale corals and ultra-low nutrient systems.

Pohl's Coral Vitalizer is used as a food source for SPS and LPS corals. It promotes growth, polyp extension as well as helping maintain difficult coral species like Geniopora and Alveopora.

Use KZ Amino Acid Concentrate and Amino Acid Concentrate LPS to increase growth and help to generate injured corals more quickly.

Increase your water quality by using Sponge Power for filter feeding species like sponges, tridacna clams and sea squirts.

Do you want to try a little of each of these products? Consider the KZ Nano Power Package containing 10 mL bottles of Coral Vitalizer, Pohl’s Xtra, Amino Acid Concentrate LPS, Sponge Power>

See each KZ products instructions for dosing quantity and frequency to reach maximum results.

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