The new Cobalt E-X-T 800 Pump may be precisely what many hobbyists have been searching for.

Finally, a perfect little external pump for media reactors, small UV sterilizers, small chillers, inline heaters and more!

At 210 GPH, this pump has the perfect flow rate for a small chiller for your BioCube or Nano Cube. Now you can finally move that eye-sore of a pump out of the aquarium!

Although the E-X-T 800 pump is designed to accept 5/8" tubing, it is fairly easy to get ½" ID tubing to fit on the inlet/outlet barbs—just be sure to use a hose clamp or zip-tie to secure the tubing for external applications.

Unique water channel that diverts water to the outlet of the pump.

This pump is also great for hobbyists short on sump space. Now, all that is required to plumb your carbon or GFO reactor, UV sterilizer or small chiller is a small tube for inlet and another for outlet.

Strainer is included for submersible applications.

Like other Cobalt Aquatics aquarium pumps, the E-X-T 800 is extremely quiet and should provide years of trouble-free service. This pump can be on the inlet side of the filter or the outlet side. Keep in mind that it is not self-priming, so you have to make sure the lines are filled with water (primed) before turning it on.

Connected to my new GFO reactor and ready to go!

For a DIY’er like myself, I can already imagine tons of uses for this nifty pump: calcium reactors, denitrators, kalkwasser reactors, canister filters and more.. the possibilities are just about endless!