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The Ideal Foundation

Tropic Marin Classic Sea Salt Mix is perfect for aquariums that house even the most sensitive species. The natural balance of elements is made using pharmaceutical salts and free from artificial additives, nitrates, and phosphates, allowing the salt to mix fast and crystal clear. If you are starting a new tank or using Tropic Marin Classic Salt for general water changes, the appropriate balance of bicarbonates will help re-equilibrate the pH of your tank while providing a balanced ratio of all other major and minor trace elements. 

  • Mixes Fast
  • Helps stabilize pH
  • Made from pharmaceutical materials
  • Contains all major and minor elements
  • Perfect for fish only or coral reef aquariums
  • Does not contain unwanted nitrates or phosphates



Alkalinity - 9-10 dKH (approx)

Calcium - 380 ppm (approx)

Magnesium - 1260 ppm (approx)



We suggest starting with 1/2 Cups of Tropic Marin Sea Salt Classic per 1 Gallon of RODI water. For the best results, the water should be circulating and at a temperature of 73-77 °F. Once the water is up to temperature and circulating, slowly adding the appropriate amount of salt will allow it to fully dissolve quickly without creating any concentrated areas where precipitation may occur. 

When you have added almost all of the salt and the mixture is fully dissolved and clear, start measuring the specific gravity with a refractometer or similar instrument. Keep adding small amounts of salt until the specific gravity is the value you desire. The specific gravity of the sea salt solution should range from 1.025 to 1.027 (at 73-77 °F / 23-25 °C) and the pH -value should be in the range of 8.0 – 8.4. If all parameters are correct, the salt water is ready to use.

Note: Always add the salt to the water, never the water to the salt.

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Product Questions

Hello there im setting up a first time saltwater system. I am going to be doing a peaceful Fowlr system and i think i made a mistaking in buying instant ocean reef salt ive heard it can leave bad stuff behind and it dose not mix to well. is tropic marin the better choice or should i just use what i already have?
Question by: tyler Neal on Nov 19, 2021, 12:42 PM
Hello, thanks for the question. Instant Ocean is perfectly fine, the Tropic Marin Classic Sea Salt Mix is also a great option. Thanks.
Answer by: Christian (BRS Staff) on Nov 23, 2021, 1:19 PM
Hello. Can you please tell me what the main difference between Classic and Pro Tropic Marin salts are? I have a reef system (fish, inverts, corals) and both comment that they are good for coral growth. The classic seems to specifically push a reef environment however. I do not use a calcium reactor, so not sure if that's a differentiating factor. I'm just trying to understand if I need the Pro or if Classic will work.

Question by: Thomas Tyrrell on Apr 6, 2020, 9:16 AM
Hi Thomas,

According to the manufacturer their salts have the following parameters.

Classic: Ca: 370-390 ppm, Mg: 1250-1300 ppm, Alk: 9-10 dKH
Pro-REEF: Ca: 430-450 ppm, Mg: 1300-1350 ppm, Alk: 7-8 dKH

Both salts should be perfect for reef aquariums, it just depends on what levels you prefer to aim for. We typically recommend choosing a salt that mixes up to parameters similar to what you maintain your system at to avoid big swings when doing water changes.

Based on our testing, running elevated Calcium and Alkalinity does result in faster SPS growth but they are not necessary.

I hope this helps, happy reefing!
Answer by: Nick on Apr 9, 2020, 1:25 PM