Chlorella Algae, Spirulina, Ulva, Wakame Seaweed, Red Seaweed, Kelp, Chondrus Crispus, Spinosum Seaweed, Eucheuma cottonii: these are the nine seaweeds used to make AlgaeMax.

Along with the seaweed, there are other great secondary ingredients including whole antartic krill, alfalfa, vitamins and trace elements. While most other “herbivore” foods have fish meal or shrimp as the main ingredient to save money, New Life Spectrum has chosen to put the dietary needs of your tangs and other herbivores as a priority.

ingredient chart

Out of the jar, AlgaeMax has a nice smell—for a pellet food, at least. The food has a rich green coloration, which is impressive since no dyes are used. My tangs love this new formulation as much as other New Life Spectrum foods. After a couple of weeks of feeding this formulation, my tangs are as vibrantly-colored as ever.

new life spectrum pellets and container

In addition to herbivores such as tangs, blennies and rabbitfish, AlgaeMax is also great for omnivores such as angelfish, clownfish, gobies and many others.

With the popularity of tangs, blennies and other herbivores, it is surprising that a “great” herbivore pellet food has not been available until now. Most flake and pellet foods are carnivore foods with some vegetation mixed in.

Seeing the nine seaweeds in the AlgaeMax ingredient list and how my fish have responded, it definitely qualifies as a “great” herbivore food. Finally, an awesome pellet food that I can feel great about spoiling my tangs with!