SDC Wifi Controllable Pumps

Sicce's premiere line of DC-powered controllable pumps features a wifi-capable pump controller plus an industry-leading 5-year manufacturer's warranty.  The four standard flow models are the perfect return pump for aquariums up to 400 gallons while the PSK SDC 1200 model is designed to be a controllable upgrade for any protein skimmer using the widely popular PSK 1200 or similarly sized skimmer pumps. All of the pumps offer complete flow control using the included Wifi capable controller and connect to the FREE Sicce ContrALL app to manage and monitor from the convenience of your smartphone. Sicce SDC series pumps are also one of the only pumps to feature an internal temperature sensor that allows you to remotely monitor the temperature of your aquarium water and receive notifications on your phone should temperatures fall out of range. 

Syncra Silent Pumps

Easily the most relied-upon return pumps in the saltwater aquarium hobby, the Syncra Silent pumps have long been regarded as one of the best AC water pumps. They run very quietly, are durable, and are a great value considering the quality of construction and 5-year motor warranty. There is a range of sizes available which means they are more than just return pumps - the reliable performance makes the Syncra Silent pumps a great option for feeding your media reactors, algae scrubbers, water changes, or even supplying water to external/recirculating protein skimmers. 

Syncra PRO Pumps

Designed to be super quiet, the Syncra Pro series pumps offer great value while not lacking in performance. The are 5 different sizes with flow rates up to a maximum of 1500 GPH and each pump features a manual flow control dial, thermal protection, and standard threaded inlet/outlet connections. You can use the pumps either externally or internally so whether you're looking for a reliable return pump, pond pump, or all-purpose utility pump, the Syncra Pro is an excellent choice. 

Nano Pumps

Four tiny pumps that will get the job done even in the smallest of places. The mighty MI Mouse and Micra series pumps are multi-purpose hobby pumps for applications like tabletop fountains, turtle tanks, terrariums, vivariums, and the like. They also make great circulation pumps for Pico-sized reef aquariums because of their small size and gentle flow. The Syncra Nano is similar in performance to the MicroPlus but includes a sturdy suction cup mount and rotatable outlet to secure the pump in a variety of different orientations.

Xstream Wave Pump & SDC Powerhead

Big flow in a small package, the XStream series powerheads are deceivingly effective. With flow rates up to 2250 GPH and measuring a maximum of 3.7" long, these little pumps can move some serious water without distracting from the natural beauty of your aquarium. They are built with high-quality materials including a ceramic bearing, strong magnetic mount, pre-lubricated impeller, and a noise-dampening o-ring which means ultra-quiet operation. There are four traditional AC-powered models to choose from as well as the fully controllable SDC Xstream that features the Wifi capable controller and ContrALL app.

Voyager Stream Pumps

Simple, affordable, reliable flow that won't disappoint - the Voyager pumps deliver great value and will get the job done without a fuss. The strong magnetic mounts secure firmly to your tank's walls while the unique cradles allow for a range of amiability so you can get the flow where you need it most. Choose from one of six different sizes from the smallest Voyager Nano at only 2700 GPH to the largest Voyager HP pushing a whopping 3200 GPH. 

Whale & Space EKO Canister Filters

When a sump just isn't in the cards, look no further than a Sicce Canister Filter. You have the benefit of hiding your primary filtration down below the tank and can easily disconnect and remove the filter body for mess-free maintenance. Both models feature a media basket, quick-disconnect fittings, and all of the necessary tubing for connection to your aquarium. 


Shark Pro Internal Filters

A clever little submersible filter that works for a variety of applications in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The modular cartridge-style filtration baskets allow you to mix and match media for your particular application and you can adjust the flow using an integrated flow control knob. Maintenance is easy thanks to the magnetically coupled design that allows you to remove the media baskets without removing or turning off the pump head. They work great for turtle tanks, quarantine tanks, water polishing, and even for employing chemical filter media like carbon and GFO. 

Jolly Heaters

Durable, compact heaters for pico-sized aquariums up to a maximum of 6 gallons. The Jolly heaters are preset to maintain stable water temperatures of 77° F and feature a virtually indestructible plastic housing. The flat, compact form factor makes them easy to discreetly tuck inside small aquariums without creating an eyesore. 

Ultra Zero Utility Pump & Pump Clean

The wildly popular Ultra Zero is a convenient maintenance pump that is primarily used during water changes or whenever you need to move water from one place to the next. The unique design draws water from the bottom of the pump and will remain pumping water in depths as shallow as 2mm. That means you won't always be stuck with the last few inches of water in the bottom of your water barrel. You can also easily pump water out of your sump for a deep clean.  It features a standard 3/4" threaded connection to attach to standard garden hoses or the Python Change System.  It has a maximum head height of 10ft and will move over 700 GPH which is plenty powerful for most water change scenarios. 

Pump Clean is Sicce's answer to keeping your pumps operating smoothly and ensuring long-lasting performance. The citric acid-based cleaner mixes up with freshwater and will help break down and remove the most stubborn build-up. It is recommended to soak and clean your aquarium pumps every 2-3 months or as needed.