Sicce's Shark Pro Internal Filters are most certainly worth a second look, even for all you reef tank owners out there. They are practical, easy to use, and work extraordinarily well for some ingenious applications that any tank owner can take advantage of. 

We know some of you might be scoffing at the idea of an internal filter for your prestigious reef tank but hear us out. While internal filters are probably not the best choice for your primary reef tank filtration, they do work really well for quarantine tanks, pico-aquariums, temporary holding systems, water polishing, and as an efficient filter media reactor down inside your sump. Better yet, Sicce has come up with some really convenient features that make these little filters incredibly easy to use.  

Sicce Shark Pro 500
Shark PRO 500

Max. Flow - 140 US GPH

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Sicce Shark Pro 700
Shark PRO 700

Max. Flow - 190 US GPH

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Sicce Shark Pro 900
Shark PRO 900

Max. Flow - 240 US GPH

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The Shark Pro filters are available in three different models with either 1, 2, or 3 media chambers and progressively stronger water flow. The entire filters come with a magnetic mount as well as magnetic coupling between the media chambers and pump heads. This not only makes them super easy to mount horizontally or vertically, but you can also disassemble the media chambers and swap out media in a matter of minutes without removing the pump head.

Each of the filters comes pre-loaded with media but you can easily customize this media to suit your needs. Adding a bag of carbon, resin, or blended media is easy and the entire filter can easily be placed down inside your sump. You can also add some filter pads and sponges to create a water polishing filter for intermittent use after cleaning or water changes. This is so much easier than using a traditional media reactor and you can get the bonus of some extra mechanical filtration. 

Like most traditional internal filters, each Shark Pro has a flow adjustment valve, directional flow nozzle with venturi, and low-profile spray bar which can come in really handy for quarantine systems. The cherry on top is the industry-leading 5-year manufacturer warranty from Sicce so you can purchase with confidence. 

Sicce Shark Pro Profile
Sicce Shark Pro Magnetic Coupling
Sicce Shark Pro Venturi
Sicce Shark Pro Media