Sicce has set the standard for pump reliability in saltwater aquariums - the original Syncra Silent series pumps are one of the most widely used and highly regarded AC return pumps in the hobby. This next generation of SDC Wifi controllable DC pumps is improving upon that standard with the added benefit of controllability and remote pump monitoring. 


Model Flow Rate Max. Head Pressure Dimensions
Sicce SDC 3.0 260 - 800 GPH 7.5 ft 7.3"L x 2.5"W x 3.8"H
Sicce SDC 6.0 530 - 1450 GPH 11.5 ft 6.3" L x 3.25" W x 4"
Sicce SDC 7.0 800 - 1900 GPH 16.5 ft 6.3" L x 3.7" W x 4.5"
Sicce SDC 9.0 1000 - 2500 GPH 23 ft 6.3" L x 3.7" W x 4.5"


Next Level Performance

At the most basic level, the Sicce SDC exceeds expectations for performance with very efficient operation, free of severe vibrations that create noise. The pump is easy to maintain with its tool-free assembly and is designed to run cool with minimal heat transfer into the aquarium. They are suitable for both wet and dry applications and include hose barb fittings for connection to flexible tubing as well as pipe adapters for connection to rigid PVC.  

The included capacitive controller includes a magnetic mount and gives you touch control over the pump speed. It features a locking power button as well as a "pause" button to temporarily stop the pump for 10 minutes. Once connected via Wifi to the Sicce ContrALL app for your IOS or Android device, you gain access to the impressive controllability and remote monitoring capabilities that make it among the most capable DC pumps on the market.

Sicce SDC

Superior Controllability

You can connect locally to the controller directly or have it connected to your home's Wifi network to access the pump over the internet from anywhere in the world. Via the app, you not only have control over the pump speed but you can customize a 24-hour schedule, utilize preset flow modes, and even set up notifications to alert you when the power goes out or temperatures begin to rise in your aquarium.

For Neptune Systems Apex users, the Sicce SDC lineup is Apex Ready meaning you can integrate the pump into your Apex Fusion dashboard and control the operation of the pump via your Apex.  

Sicce SDC ContrALL

Remote Monitoring

The SDC has a couple of unique monitoring features including the ability to monitor the water's temperature inside your tank.  The app will track these temperature measurements and can notify you if those temperatures fall outside of range indicating a heater failure or if something is causing the pump to heat up the water outside of normal range. You can also set up notifications for loss of power that monitors the pump's connection to the cloud. These two monitoring alerts alone could save your entire tank from catastrophes in your absence, a pretty significant advantage over competing DC water pumps.  

Industry Leading Warranty

As if the reliability, features, and performance are not enough, Sicce provides users with an impressive 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!