The smaller the aquarium, the more difficult it is to maintain stability. Not only are you challenged with finding equipment small enough to fit in and on the aquarium, but the small volume of water is extremely vulnerable to environmental shifts.

The Sicce Jolly heaters were designed specifically for pico-sized aquariums to provide a safe and straightforward approach to temperature control. These rugged plastic heaters are virtually unbreakable, fully submersible, and ultra-compact making them easy to tuck away inside even the smallest aquariums. They are preprogrammed to maintain water temperatures of 77° F which means you won't have to fuss with any calibration or temperature settings. The built-in thermal protection will automatically shut down the heater if it's out of water or when temperatures rise beyond 77° for any reason. 

Instead of the constant on/off switching you get with traditional aquarium heaters, the Sicce Jolly relies on a consistent output of heat to maintain water temperatures which will avoid the risk of rapid fluctuations in temperature. The heater will remain on a majority of the time as indicated by the red indicator LED light and only in the event of an over-heat will it automatically shut down. 

  Tank Size Rating Dimensions Cable Length
6 watt 1.6 Gallons 1.25" x 3.9" 6 ft.
12 watt 3.2 Gallons 1.25" x 3.9" 6 ft.
22 watt 6.6 Gallons 1.25" x 6.25" 6 ft.