Fish Foods

Saltwater fish come from all over the world, and their diets will vary depending on the type of fish, size, and where they came from. Small fish will need foods that can fit into their mouths where larger fish will normally be less picky when it comes to food sizes. Fish foods will come in a few different forms, pellets, flakes, and frozen.

Pellet and Flake foods are packed with nutrition and depending on the type of food you get can greatly increase your fish’s health and vitality. The downside of flakes and pellets is that they actually contain too much nutrition, and giving your fish enough food to sustain their appetite is a lot of nutrients. That is where frozen foods come in, frozen foods contain a lot of water or moisture which allows your fish to eat a lot of food, but if a few pieces go uneaten, lost to rock work or overflows, there is not as much pollution compared to a pellet or flake food. Frozen foods also mimic the actual food your fish would eat in the ocean as well.

Nori or Seaweed is another staple to a majority of fish diets. Tangs, blennies, foxfaces, and any other herbivore or omnivore will pick and graze on nori, just like they would in the ocean. Seaweed had a lot of benefits and we highly recommend feeding some type of algae based food to your tank on a regular basis.

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