Filter & Reactor Media

Keeping your reef aquarium water clean and crystal-clear requires the use of filtering certain media like carbon, GFO (phosphate remover) and biopellets through a reactor or a media bag. By filtering your tanks water with these media, you can extract the toxins, phosphates and color pigments produced by the aquarium's inhabitants. If not kept at bay, these accumulated toxins pose a threat to the health of the fish and corals as well as give the aquarium water an unappealing yellow tint and feed algae growth.

Here at Bulk Reef Supply, we provide three types of bulk aquarium carbon products: ROX 0.8, Lignite Carbon, and Bituminous Carbon. Our GFO phosphate remover products come in granulated and pellet form. We also provide media bags and a variety of reactors to help you utilize activated carbon and granular ferric oxide with your reef aquarium's chemical filtration system. All of our products come at some of the lowest prices found online for bulk aquarium supplies.

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