Maintaining low nitrates in your saltwater aquarium is key to promoting the best coral coloration, keeping fish healthy and avoiding algae outbreaks. Biopellets are the latest in denitration technology and are inexpensive and fairly easy to use. Biopellets work by providing a solid carbon food source for the denitrifying bacteria.

BRS Biopellets are made from 100% natural Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). PHA is a natural substance produced by bacteria to store carbon and energy which makes it the ideal solid carbon source for denitrifying bacteria in the aquarium. BRS Biopellets are produced by a leader in the industry and are designed specifically for denitrification in aquaria. We believe it to be the best product available on the market.

Getting started is easy - you just need some BRS Biopellets, an inexpensive fluidized reactor and a pump.

Use of Biopellets will also remove phosphates, combined with wise food selections it can be the only type of phosphate control required. has expanded the biopellet category line with Vertex Pro-Biopellets, Fauna Marin NPO Redu Biopellets and NPX Bioplastics from Two Little Fishies.

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