Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres

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Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres (1kg/2.2lbs)

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Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres (2kg/4.4lbs)

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Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres (25kg/55lbs)

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Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres (20kg/44lbs)

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Replace 20lbs of Live Rock with just 10 Bio-Spheres!

  • Completely inert-- wont affect water chemistry
  • Stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology
  • Ultra-high surface area for enhanced filtration
  • Just 10 Bio-Sphere pieces can replace up to 20lbs of live rock
  • Rapidly colonized by beneficial bacteria
  • Stable ceramic base that will not decompose over time
  • For freshwater and marine aquariums


Maxspect's Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres are created using stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology with Biological Aerated Filter (W-BAF). This proprietary technology is formed into inert ceramic beads which can be placed in a mesh bag and tossed into your sump or filter compartment for aquarium filtration. Each sphere has an ultra-high surface area of 580 square feet, providing ample room for colonization by beneficial bacteria strains that can work to lower nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia naturally.



Available Package Sizes - 1.0 kg/2.2 lbs, 2kg/4.4lbs, 20kg/44lbs, 25kg/55lbs

Contents - 40 Bio-Spheres per kg package weight

Surface Area per Sphere - 54 m2 / 580 ft2

Total Surface Area per Package - 2,376 m2 / 25,575 ft2 per kg package weight

Treats - 2,850 L / 750 Gallons per kg package weight

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Product Questions

What is the size of each single sphere?
Question by: Walter Theut on Feb 17, 2023, 11:01 AM
These are approximately 30mm in diameter.
Answer by: William Reed (BRS Staff) on Mar 23, 2023, 9:10 AM