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NP-Bacto Pellets - Biodegradable Filter Media

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Biodegradable Filter Media for the Effective Removal of Nitrates and Phosphates

  • Made of Natural Biopolymers
  • Suitable for Fluidized Bed Filter or Pellet Reactors
  • Helps Corals Show Their Brightest and Most Vibrant Colors
  • Ideal for Reef Tanks or Fish Only Systems


Tropic Marin NP-Bacto Pellets is an easy-to-use organic filter media for pellet reactors for the effective and biological removal of nitrate and phosphate. The pellets are made from a mixture of natural biopolymers, which promote the colonization and growth of nitrate and phosphate removing bacteria as well as other microorganisms. The bacterial colonization starts very quickly and then occurs on an on-going basis.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are required for the growth of useful microorganisms. They reduce the nitrate und phosphate levels in the aquarium by extracting these elements from the aquarium water. Valuable, nutrient rich, biomass is produced from this process and is flushed from the pellet reactor into the aquarium where it serves as an important basic food resource for corals and other filter feeders, or is skimmed out of the water.



The NP-Bacto Pellets are for use in a pellet reactor or fluidized reactor. Pour boiling hot water over the pellets and let soak for 2 hours before use to expel excess air.

Start with 50 ml NP-Bacto Pellets for every 100 liters (26 gallons) of aquarium system water and fill the filter media in the reactor chamber. Consider the operating instructions of the reactor. Double the amount after four weeks if necessary but DO NOT EXCEED 200 ml of NP-Bacto Pellets per 100 liters of aquarium system water. For the removal of nutrients and gas exchange, a protein skimmer is recommended.

As a result of the degeneration of the organic filter medium by the microorganisms, it is recommended to top up the NP-Bacto Pellets every month to replace any degraded material.

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