Cobalt Aquatics are well-known for their "Original Maxi-Jet" pumps, now simply called "MJ" pumps. They are amazingly reliable and versatile pumps we've all come to love.

New from Cobalt are the Neo-Flowand Nano-Flow propeller pumps. For water movement inside an aquarium, propeller-style pumps have proven themselves to be the best option available today. They provide an extremely large volume of water movement while using very little electricity and being ultra-quiet.

The smaller Nano-Flow is rated for a flow rate of 686 gallons per hour and consumes a mere 4 watts of power. Included is a powerful magnet mount that allows you to mount the pump on to aquariums as thick as ¾". A nifty ball joint allows you to easily aim the pump in just about any direction to target those dead spots. An anti-vibration magnetic levitation mount keeps the magnets away from the aquarium glass with rubber o-rings that help dampen vibration noise.

The larger of the two propeller pumps, the Neo-Flow, is the one that catches our attention.  This compact pump pushes an impressive 2,640 GPH and consumes just 20 watts!

The most unique feature is that this is actually a 12V DC pump with an adjustable knob for flow control. Twisting the knob (as shown in the video below) allows you to easily adjust the flow rate from 50% to 100% (1320 to 2640 GPH).

It's great to be able to dial in the exact flow rate you want for your aquarium. Should your flow requirements change or if you get a different sized aquarium, simply turn the knob to increase or decrease your flow rate.

Being a low-voltage 12V pump also means it is safer for your aquarium. The Neo-Flow features the same powerful magnet as the Nano-Flow which works for aquariums up to ¾" along with rubber o-rings on the magnet mounts to keep noise and vibration at a minimum. The same ball joint that is on the Nano-Flow is present here also, which allows for a wide range of adjustment.

While there are numerous propeller pumps already available on the market, these two pumps are great options to consider.

The Neo-Flow, especially, is extremely versatile with its adjustable flow rate. Being a Cobalt Aquatics product, it is sure to be reliable and work as advertised. The long 3-year manufacturer   warranty is another testament to the quality of these pumps.

If you have been shopping around for a new water circulation pump, definitely have a closer look at these!