What is an Apex?

A Neptune Systems Apex is the flagship aquarium controller that turns your analog aquarium into a smart aquarium. The device will automate and monitor your equipment and tank parameters as well as perform a variety of tasks that simply make your life easier and safer.

You gain access to everything via your smart device which means you can check in on your tank from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The control and protection capabilities are seemingly endless because you can integrate all of your equipment to work together and set up redundancies that will automatically react to particular criteria or situations.  

For example, the Neptune Systems Apex can monitor the water level in your sump or aquarium with a float switch, if the water level rises it will be able to automatically turn off your return pump (preventing an overflow) and send you a notification or email alert letting you know something is wrong.  

The system is completely modular meaning you can expand the control and protection to suit your particular needs. There is a huge assortment of modules, sensors, and probes available along with additional hardware and equipment including a dosing pump, LED lighting system, powerheads, and a return pump that are specifically designed by Neptune Systems to provide the ultimate reef aquarium experience. 

Apex Fusion Dashboard

Apex Fusion

Apex Fusion is the FREE app and interface used to set up and program the controller. Fusion can be accessed via your smart device or from a computer with an internet connection. Neptune Systems provides you with a variety of presets and step-by-step instructions for the setup of ALL the various devices and accessories making it extremely easy to use. With Fusion, you can access and control your connected equipment, set up alerts and protections, view water parameters, and even create graphs using historical monitoring data. A single Fusion account can have multiple Apex controllers connected with different tank profiles too so you can easily keep multiple tanks organized. 

Apex Controller Systems

There are two ways to introduce an Apex onto your aquarium and it all starts with one of the basic control systems, there is the standard Apex and the ApexEL. Both systems give you full access to Apex Fusion and the endless control and monitoring capabilities, it's just a matter of what you get right out of the box. The ApexEL is a bit more affordable upfront but lacks the ORP monitoring, Salinity monitoring, and variable speed ports that come with the standard Apex system. These capabilities can be added to the ApexEL system with the use of additional modules at any time. 

There are also a variety of Apex bundles available that include one of the two Apex controllers with a variety of popular Neptune Systems modules and accessories should you wish to start with an expanded version.

Neptune Systems Apex
Neptune Systems Apex

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Neptune Systems ApexEL
Neptune Systems ApexEL

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Equipment and Devices

Neptune Systems manufacturers a variety of key components for your tank that are designed for direct connection and control via your Apex. This includes lighting, powerheads, return pumps, dosing pumps, dosing containers, and even an ATO system and Automatic Fish Feeder. The advantage of using Neptune Systems equipment is that you gain access to direct control and protection features that would not be possible otherwise. You can also save some room on your energy bar because some of the equipment is powered using the 24V DC accessory ports instead of a standard 3 prong power plug.

Monitoring Devices and Probes

The Apex is incredibly powerful in the way of monitoring conditions inside of your aquarium. Right out of the box you get power monitoring, temperature, pH, ORP, and Salinity monitoring capabilities with the standard Apex. You can expand that monitoring to include calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels using the Trident, measure PAR, monitor water flow and level, and set up a leak detection system.

You can also add additional temperature, pH, ORP, and Salinity probes using the PM1 or PM2 expansion modules.  With the use of the PM3 module, you can enable a dissolved oxygen sensor for special situations that may require it. 

Control Hardware

The EB832 is the main control hardware where you plug in all of your aquarium equipment and attach additional Neptune Systems modules and devices.  Your single Apex Controller is capable of managing multiple EB832 power bars should you need to expand your control to multiple aquariums. There is also the EB4 which is a bare-bones 4 socket power bar as well as the I/O breakout box which allows you to attach external switches to your Apex like float switches, pushbuttons, water sensors/leak detectors, and magnetic switches.

The popular Apex Display is an LCD display accessory that gives the option to access your Apex directly instead of using your smartphone and the Apex Fusion app.  It can also provide tank conditions and parameters at a glance rather than having to open the app. 

  1. EB4 Energy Bar 4
    Neptune Systems
    EB4 Energy Bar 4

  2. I/O Breakout Box
    Neptune Systems
    I/O Breakout Box


If your looking to protect and control your precious saltwater aquarium with a Neptune Systems Apex, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and will be happy to help you choose the right products for your tank. Just give us a call or shoot an email anytime to connect with one of our saltwater aquarium experts.