Jen walks us through her top ten practical tips and tricks for utilizing the Neptune systems PMUP. It's more than just an ATO pump! 

  1. Get the separate 24v power supply (sold separately) so you can use the pump independent of the Apex Controller
  2. Always Use the anti-siphon fitting to prevent backflow during top-off.
  3. Use the 3/8" to 1/2" quick-disconnect reducer/adapter fitting for easy tubing attachment and removal for maintenance. **Pro Tip: Add an inline 1/2 Mur-Lock Ball Valve for flow control.
  4. Attach a rigid acrylic tube for spot cleaning your corals. You will need a 3/8" x 1/4" Adapter Fitting and a 1/4" diameter acrylic tube.
  5. Use the rigid acrylic tube setup described above for cleaning pumps and aquascape as well.
  6. Use in a citric acid bath to circulate water when soaking other pumps.
  7. Use the small pump in terrariums and fountains.
  8. Works perfectly for water changes on small nano and pico aquariums.
  9. Make a no-spill fill hook using Mur-Lock elbows and tubing.
  10. Pair with the AquaMaxx Magnetic Feeding Ring to hold and mount the pump on your tank walls. Super handy for cleaning and water changes.