A Buyer's Guide to Bulk Reef Supply

The very foundation of Bulk Reef Supply is providing high-quality products that offer a unique value to saltwater aquarium owners with the ultimate goal of helping you find success. We are a team of passionate hobbyists that understand what it takes to be successful in this hobby and a major part of that success is choosing the right products.

Our catalog of products consists of well over 100 items that carry the Bulk Reef Supply identity ranging from our very own Reverse Osmosis Systems built in-house to a full line of filter media, additives, aquarium foods, and so much more. When it comes time to make a decision for your own tank, consider the BRS brand for we are not only dedicated to providing the best possible value but are also very proud to only produce the level of quality we would use on our tanks.

Bulk Reef Supply Additives


The BRS 2-Part Pharma additives are made from pharmaceutical-grade chemicals that we source in bulk, then pass those savings along to our customers. Not only are you getting the purest possible chemicals but you're also getting the best possible price. You can be confident there are no contaminants and that each batch will mix quickly and consistently. Apples to apples, our 2-Part Pharma System is the most affordable solution for maintaining major elements in a reef aquarium, period. 

Our Pharma Kalkwasser carries this same level of quality and is made from an ultra-pure source of Calcium Hydroxide. The fine powder mixes quickly, contains fewer impurities, and is more potent than traditional kalkwasser offerings meaning you won't use as much. 


Bulk Reef Supply Filter Media

Filter Media

The filter media line consists of carbon, GFO - granular ferric oxide, and biopellets. We source the highest quality raw materials we can find and package the media to provide you with the most cost-effective consumable option possible. Whether you're using carbon for extra water clarity, GFO to maintain phosphate levels, or looking to tackle a nitrate problem with biopellets, our filter media will perform just as well if not better than the competition for a fraction of the cost. Dollar for dollar you're getting the same if not better quality media and can save upwards of 50% in some cases. 

Bulk Reef Supply Media Reactors

Filter Media Reactors

We took a unique approach to our filter media reactors by using standard RO Canisters with refillable cartridges which have proven to have some great benefits over traditional upflow media reactors. Perhaps the most attractive feature is the easy, mess-free maintenance.  With traditional reactors, you typically need to remove the entire assembly, including the pump and tubing to swap out your media. The BRS Reactors allow you to keep the plumbing and reactor bracket mounted in place while you remove the canister and replace it with new media.  This cuts the maintenance time by up to 75% or more if you have a filled cartridge ready to go. The refillable cartridges are easy to clean and refill and you won't be spilling water all over the place or dumping media into your tank by accident. 

RO Filter Kits

Reverse Osmosis Systems

We build all of our RO/DI systems in-house because we want to offer the best possible price without compromising the quality of the components and filter cartridges. We have also designed the systems to meet the unique needs of saltwater aquarists because we understand the importance of having purified 0 TDS water on demand. 

BRS RO/DI Systems feature Mur-Lock Push-Connect fittings, NSF-certified high-performance filters, DOW Filmtec RO membrane, multiple source water connections, filter wrench, an auto shut-off valve, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The value plus systems come with a pressure gauge, flush valve, and dual-inline TDS meter for easy maintenance and monitoring of system performance. 

4 Stage RO/DI Systems - Perfect for city water that is treated with low amounts of chlorine, or well water with very minimal contaminants. Can easily be upgraded to suit your specific needs. 
5 Stage RO/DI Systems - Our most popular systems that handle common impurities found in well water and tap water treated with chloramines.
6 Stage RO/DI Systems - If you are not sure what is in your water or you know it contains hard-to-remove contaminants like chloramines, phosphates, nitrates, silicates, etc.
7 Stage RO/DI Systems - Made for aquarists with high-production demands. Features an optimized 3-stage Dwionization filter for highly-efficient resin consumption.  

In addition to our RO/DI systems, we source the highest-quality replacement filters and package them together in money-saving kits so you won't ever be left wondering which filters you need. All of the filters are NSF certified and meet American water quality standards. 

CO2 Scrubbers

CO2 Scrubbers & Media

Many aquariums are plagued with an abundance of dissolved CO2 which acidifies the water. The resulting low pH inhibits the growth of corals and can lead to increased algae growth. A CO2 scrubber is an incredibly simple solution to remove CO2 from the air entering your protein skimmer and therefore, helps to reduce the amount of dissolved CO2 in your aquarium water. You will not only see a more natural pH level of around 8.3 but you will also ensure your corals reach their full potential.     

The BRS CO2 Scrubber takes a nod from our very popular media reactors and is made using a standard RO/DI style canister with a refillable cartridge. It's extremely easy to maintain and will integrate into your existing protein skimmer without any modifications. 

Reef Chili and Fish Food

Reef Chili & Fish Foods

Reef Chili was born out of the desire to have a single coral food that contained enough variety to feed your entire reef and provide optimal nutrition without having to feed multiple types of food. The result was a blend of 7 different highly nutritious food sources for corals that together provide the most nutritionally dense commercial coral food on the market. Reef Chili is, in fact, one of the only coral foods to be scientifically proven to accelerate growth among your corals. 

Falling in line with the idea of building a single, highly-nutritious food that can sustain your entire tank, BRS also offers a variety of different dry fish foods and "food ingredients" that can be mixed together to create a unique food concoction. Create an extremely varied mix of food without having to deal with messy frozen foods on a daily basis and be confident your fish are getting complete nutrition.  

Fragging Supplies

Fragging Supplies & Accessories

From stainless steel coral shears to our famous BRS Extra Thick Coral Glue, our selection of fragging accessories will help you cut and glue corals like a pro. We have a wide selection of affordable stainless steel fragging tools as well as two different coral propagation kits that include an assortment of essential fragging tools in a handy zipper pouch.