Small aquariums are attractive to first-time tank owners because of the low cost of entry, small footprint, and affordable upkeep.  The 14-gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula most certainly qualifies as a nano tank and provides a somewhat unique experience for first-time tank owners. A peninsula configuration makes the tank seem somewhat larger than it really is because of the long viewing panes on either side of the aquarium that allow you to peer all the way through. So not only is the shape itself outside the norm, but you also get the benefit of a cool viewing experience. 

The 14 NUVO Fusion Peninsula Pro 2 comes as a bundle which is another great benefit for first-time tank owners because it comes complete with an upgraded DC controllable return pump, filter media, and a variety of other accessories that will streamline the aquarium experience. The tank itself looks great right out of the box and is constructed using high-clarity glass panels with beveled edges that are adhered together using black silicone. This premium tank construction creates a contemporary appearance that rivals even custom aquariums. 



Helpful Tips for APS Cabinet Stand

  • When unboxing the tank, place components onto the carpet or rug because the sharp corners can easily scratch wood or laminate-type flooring.
  • Remove the plastic protective coating from each panel and aluminum profile before assembling the tank; it's just way easier to do it first. 
  • The HEX wrench that is included is designed to tighten the included tension locks and you will also want a Phillips head screwdriver to secure the top of the stand. 
  • Tension locks always slide into the smaller channel on the aluminum profiles.
  • Using the HEX wrench, turn the tension locks 180° to tighten them so that the DOT is in the center of the aluminum profile. 
  • Install the plastic endcaps before securing the profiles together.  This will ensure proper alignment. 
  • Do not overtighten the tension locks. Once tight, do not turn it any further because you can bend the metal or break them. 
  • Once you have it together, turn the stand upright and check to ensure its level. You may need to adjust the frame using tension locks to get everything perfectly square and level. 
  • Felt pieces attach directly to the plastic endcaps, not onto the aluminum.
  • Apply significant downward pressure on the top panel when attaching it to the stand using the included Phillips head screws. This ensures the screws tighten properly into the plastic endcaps. 

14 NUVO Fusion Peninsula Tank Assembly

  1. Unbox the tank and remove the plastic wrap.  Remove parts and accessories from the rear filtration chambers.
  2. Peel off the brown protective covering from the back panel of the tank. (remove the High Tide Water Level Risers from each overflow to make things easier)
  3. Decide and install either the filter sock or CustomCaddy Media Basket. The 14 NUVO only has only ONE chamber for filtration so it is an either-or scenario. 
  4. Install the MightyJet return pump with attached tubing and return nozzle connections through the back wall of the aquarium.
  5. Attach the included return nozzles to the return line on the inside of the aquarium.
  6. Install the mesh screen top onto the aquarium.

Additional Gear for LPS & Soft Coral Reef

You will need a handful of additional items to complete the tank build and get water into the aquarium. Below is a complete shopping list that will get you set up to maintain a reef, complete with fish, coral, and invertebrates.

All new aquariums need to cycle so the addition of rock, sand, and an aquarium heater will be your very next step. After adding water, proceed to add the bacteria and complete the cycle process.  You will not need to use the lighting until the tank contains corals or after the tank has cycled. Keeping the light OFF for the first couple of months helps to reduce the growth of unsightly algae and other photosynthetic pests that are common in new aquariums.   

Lighting: AquaIllumination Prime HD LED Light with 12" Flex Arm Mount

Heater: AquaEL 75 Watt Ultra Heater

Automatic Top Off System (ATO): Reef Breeders Prism ATO

Rock: Caribsea LifeRock Nano

Sand: Caribsea Arag-alive (You will need a minimum of 10 lbs for a 1" deep sand bed.)

Bacteria: Fritz-Zyme TurbStart 900