If you have your sites set on a tiny reef, the 14-gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Pro 2 Bundle is the way to go. It is the perfect nano tank for a desk, table, or countertop and is configured like a peninsula with the AIO filtration on the small end of the aquarium.  This creates two long viewing panels on either side of the tank for a unique view through your aquarium.  

Innovative Marine 14 NUVO Peninsula Pro 2 Features

The NUVO Fusion series tanks from Innovative Marine have raised the bar for modern AIO-style aquariums with their sharp aesthetic, functional filtration, and convenient features. The tanks are constructed using high-clarity glass with beveled edges and black silicone with clean lines for an unobstructed viewing experience. The tanks feature roomy filtration compartments built right into the display and include a mesh screen top that sits flush with the top edge of the tank. The pre-installed foam leveling mat reduces the risk of pressure points on the bottom glass panel and the optional APS Aquarium Stands are lightweight and easy to assemble meaning installation is never a challenge. 

The latest generations of NUVO Fusion aquariums are sold as bundles that include some outstanding upgrades and accessories including a DC controllable water pump, dual loc-line return nozzles, water level risers, a media basket with filter media, and a filter sock. 

What's In The Box?

  • 1x 14 Gallon Nuvo Fusion Peninsula PRO 2 Aquarium
  • 1x MightyJet 326 GPH Return Pump w/ Controller
  • 1x Removable 200 Micron Filter Sock
  • 1x Desktop CustomCaddy Media Basket w/ PurityPack Filter Media
  • 1x Preinstalled Rubber Leveling Mat
  • 1x Pre-Assembled SafeScreen Mesh Screen Lid
  • 1x MicroMag Glass Cleaner
  • 1x Nuvo Return Nozzle
  • 1x High Tide Water Riser


  • Total Volume - 14 Gallons
  • Dimensions - 11.8" L x 20" W x 13" H
  • Display Dimensions - 11.34" L x 16.7" W x 13" H
  • Glass Thickness - 6mm
  • Max Flow - 326 GPH
  • Power Consumption - 15w @ 24VDC
  • Download: 14g Nuvo Fusion Pro AIO Owner's Manual

APS Cabinet Stand

While the small 14 NUVO Fusion is the perfect complement to your desk or countertop, there is the option of Innovative Marine's popular APS Cabinet Stand if you wish to have a free-standing installation.  These corrosion-resistant aluminum stands are lightweight and super easy to assemble yet extremely sturdy and durable.  They are available in either a black or white finish to match your decor and feature a spacious shelf underneath the tank for storage.