Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.  The Innovative Marine Spin Stream is certainly little but it can make a big impact on your tank by creating more natural water movement. The Spin Stream is a small cordless return nozzle that pushes directly onto the return line in your AIO-style aquarium.  The water pressure from the return pump spins the nozzle in a circular motion which creates a randomized flow pattern in the aquarium. This randomized flow is beneficial because it more closely mimics the conditions found on wild reefs, helps to export waste, and improves oxygenation in the aquarium.  

Innovative Marine Spin Stream

The Spin Stream was made to fit the NUVO Series aquariums from Innovative Marine but also includes rubber adapters to fit 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" diameter pipe connections so it can be used on a variety of different AIO style tanks. The nozzle rests at 40° which is what creates that wide circular flow pattern as water passes through the device.  

The way it works is quite simple and the entire nozzle is easily disassembled for cleaning. Water flows through an impeller that is attached to a set of gears that spin the nozzle as water moves through the nozzle. It does not require any power or batteries to operate and as long as the gears are kept clean, the nozzle will keep on spinning.  It is designed to operate best within a flow range of 50 to 600 GPH and you can use multiple Spin Streams on larger aquariums with multiple return lines.