Our BRStv host, Matthew, recently set up a Waterbox FRAG 105.4 aquarium to provide a temporary home for livestock used in filming YouTube videos that will also double as a backdrop in his home filming studio. In order to help all of you new Waterbox Aquarium owners, Matthew provided some super helpful setup tips and then lists off the additional lighting, pumps, and other equipment he chose to install on the tank. 

Waterbox FRAG 105.4 - Setup

Waterbox Aquariums are complete tank kits that are shipped to your door and include the aquarium, cabinet stand, sump filtration, and necessary plumbing which means once you receive the tank, you have some assembly to accomplish before the tank is ready for water. 

Cabinet Stand Tips

  • Cabinet stands can break during assembly so acquire a helping hand to support panels at a perfect 90° angle while securing them together. 
  • Cam-locks and the matching screws can be a little tricky. Do not overtighten, be careful of breaking and bending, and be sure every single cam-lock is tight before proceeding. 
  • The stand finish can easily scratch if placed on hard or rough surfaces. Use towels or a large carpet when assembling the stand to prevent scratches. 
  • The wooden dowels are extremely important for stability. You can use wood glue to secure them further but also be careful not to break them when pushing them into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Leveling your cabinet is important and it is best to level it before adding water into the aquarium. In fact, level the stand twice, once before you install the tank and sump, and then level again after.  

Step-By-Step Plumbing

  1. Start with the bulkheads and be sure the o-rings are properly installed in the right place.
  2. Avoid using a wrench and do not overtighten the bulkheads, this could break the glass.
  3. Move onto the pipes inside the overflow box, just screw them onto the bulkheads hand-tight.
  4. Install the sump to the back right side of the cabinet, then install the drains and return pipe. Screw to hand-tight being careful not to overtighten anything.  
  5. Use plumbers tape to cover the threads of the manifold fittings and install them onto the return pipe.
  6. Use the plastic hose clamps to secure vinyl tubing from your return pump to the drain pipe.
  7. Install the filter socks in the sump and use the included water silencer on the front filter sock.
  8. Leak test plumbing by pouring a gallon or two of RO/DI water into the overflow box.  If no leaks, proceed to aquascape or fill the tank. 

 Waterbox Frag 105.4 - Additional Gear

The tank is going to be set up for housing livestock and frags in-between video shoots. This will mainly consist of fish, invertebrates, soft corals, and LPS. The additional gear below is what Matthew chose to finish out the tank build. Matthew also goes over all of the chosen settings and flow rates in the video.