Nano LifeRock Dry Live Rock - 10 lbs

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LifeRock is infused with spored bacteria to aid in biological performance, along with millions of micro and macro passage ways CaribSea's LifeRock Dry Rock is perfect for the environmentally friendly aquarist.

  • Creates a mature looking reef instantly
  • 100% safe for all marine animals
  • Unique pieces
  • Environmentally friendly


CaribSea LifeRock is made of an aragonitic base rock, instead of the typical cement used by many other artificial rock creators. Every rock contains a network of micro and macro pores that intertwine within the rocks internal structure creating the perfect environment for natural nitrifying bacteria. LifeRock is manmade and does not affect our natural resources, making it the perfect option for all marine fish, invertebrates, and corals. 


Every LifeRock from CaribSea has an artificial coating and texture that mimics natural coralline algae after being in the ocean for years. Depending on the animals that you have in your aquarium, they may pick at the coating on the rocks which will not harm them at all, and over time live coralline algae will cover any spots on the rocks that may have had the coating picked off.


Shipping: All rock can be fragile. BRS makes every effort to securely pack any type of rock. However, we have no control how UPS handles it and it may break during shipping. Unfortunately, this is not covered by insurance so we are unable to replace broken pieces.

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Product Questions

How many pieces do you get in a box?
Question by: Trevor Young on Mar 15, 2024, 12:19 PM
These are sold per pound and not my quantity, however there is an average of 5-8 rocks depending on the size of the rocks.
Answer by: JJ K (BRS Staff) on Apr 12, 2024, 9:27 AM