A 40-gallon saltwater aquarium is a perfect size because it is not so big that it will break the bank and is manageable enough to fit into almost any home without having to break down walls or move furniture.  The 40-gallon water volume is also plenty sufficient for a decent population of livestock and it won't be subject to severe parameter swings like you would experience with much smaller nano aquariums.  

The Innovative Marine 40 NUVO Fusion Pro 2 Bundle is one of our favorite tank kits not only because of its manageable size but also because it looks sharp and has some really awesome features that simplify the tank setup and maintenance. You also have the option of getting the Innovative Marine Aluminium APS Stand which matches the tank perfectly and is incredibly simple to assemble.



40 NUVO Fusion Aquarium Step-By-Step Setup

Tips For APS Stand Assembly

  • When unboxing the tank, place components onto the carpet or rug because the sharp corners can easily scratch wood or laminate-type flooring.
  • Remove the plastic protective coating from each panel and aluminum profile before assembling the tank; it's just way easier to do it first. 
  • The HEX wrench that is included is designed to tighten the included tension locks and you will also want a Phillips head screwdriver to secure the top of the stand. 
  • Tension locks always slide into the smaller channel on the aluminum profiles.
  • Using the HEX wrench, turn the tension locks 180° to tighten them so that the DOT is in the center of the aluminum profile. 
  • Install the plastic endcaps before securing the profiles together.  This will ensure proper alignment. 
  • Do not overtighten the tension locks. Once tight, do not turn it any further because you can bend the metal or break them. 
  • Once you have it together, turn the stand upright and check to ensure its level. You may need to adjust the frame using tension locks to get everything perfectly square and level. 
  • Felt pieces attach directly to the plastic endcaps, not onto the aluminum.
  • Apply significant downward pressure on the top panel when attaching it to the stand using the included Phillips head screws. This ensures the screws tighten properly into the plastic endcaps. 

Download: Innovative Marine Fusion 40 APS Stand User Manual

Innovative Marine 40 NUVO Fusion Pro 2 Aquarium Filtration and Dimensions

Step-by-Step Tank Setup

  1. Get someone to help you lift the glass tank onto the aquarium stand. Be sure the tank's edges are flush and with the stand. 
  2. Remove the plastic wrap and brown protective covering from the back panel being careful not to rip it into small pieces when pulling it off.
  3. Install the CustomCaddy Filter Media Basket with only the mechanical filter balls. Reserve the Carbon and GFO media for later use.  Install the filter sock on the opposite side.
  4. Remove any remaining plumbing parts from the rear filtration chambers.
  5. Assemble the return nozzles and attach the pump.
  6. Move the tank into its final location and check for level. It's best to level using shims after the tank has been filled with water and remember once it has water, it's super heavy and cannot really be moved. 

Download: Innovative Marine 40 NUVO Fusion Pro 2 User Manual

Additional Gear

Powerhead: Sicce SDC Xstream Wifi Wavemaker

Lighting: ATI 24" Sunpower T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture

Automatic Top Off System (ATO): Reef Breeder Prism ATO

Freshwater Reservoir: Innovative Marine 5 Gallon Hydrofill ATO Reservoir

Heater: AquaEL Ultra Heater 150 watt

Rock: Caribsea LifeRock

Bacteria: Fritz-Zyme TurboStart 900

Extra Filter Socks: MidSize 30/40 Filter Sock w/ Custom Holder