The Hydra FiftyTwo HD by Aqua Illumination is one of the best LEDs out there for aquariums. At full power, it will consume 135W of power and effectively cover a 24” x 24” area.

What really puts this light over the top is its ability to have the LEDs borrow each other’s power.  If there are certain color spectrums that you are not using at full capacity, you can use that saved energy and pour it straight into your other LEDs to give them an extra boost. This allows you to get the exact look you want while making the best use of the energy going into the fixture.

As with all of the latest Aqua Illumination LED lights, the Hydra’s have built in Wi-Fi which really makes your life a lot easier. By either using the MyAI phone app or the PC platform, you can have full control over your AI lights without the need of any additional hardware.  The control interface is very easy to use and designed specifically for reef aquarium applications.

With both a black and white model, a variety of mounting options, and a whole lot of power behind it, the Hydra 52 HD is an excellent option to illuminate your reef!