Smart roller Reef Factory

Maintaining the water quality in your saltwater aquarium has never been smarter or more efficient, thanks to the cutting-edge technology embedded in the Smart roller filter from Reef Factory. Designed specifically for saltwater aquariums, this compact and highly efficient automated filter roller ensures crystal-clear water without the hassle of daily media changes or cleaning. It comes in 3 different sizes to suit the needs of small and large aquariums alike. 

Mechanical filtration is integral to overall water quality maintenance and is the primary means of removing detritus, uneaten food, and waste from the aquarium. By reducing debris, you can mitigate the organic load, preventing nutrient buildup and maintaining optimal water quality while enhancing clarity and minimizing the risk of nutrient spikes. 

Designed for convenience, roller mats simplify maintenance by allowing easy replacement as they collect debris, without the need for regular attention. Their efficient particulate removal contributes to clearer water, benefiting aesthetics and supporting marine organisms' health by facilitating better light penetration and promoting the growth of photosynthetic organisms. Additionally, roller mats play a role in controlling nutrient levels to prevent excessive algae growth. Notably, while excelling in mechanical filtration, they are often used in conjunction with other methods such as protein skimmers, biological filtration, and chemical filtration to establish a comprehensive and efficient aquarium filtration system.

Why Choose Smart roller from Reef Factory?

Filter Roller

Filter rollers have taken the hobby by storm because they are incredibly efficient and easy to maintain. The filter roll is automatically advanced thanks to the connected sensor and smart programming.  This means you won't have to physically clean or change the roll daily but still benefit from the ongoing removal of large particles and debris. Simply swap out the exhausted filter roll once every other month or whenever it's been entirely used up. 

Smart Technology for Optimal Operation

Reef Factory Smart roller control via watch

One of the standout features of the Smart roller is its integration of Smart technology, allowing users to easily determine the frequency of material winding. This intelligent system ensures that the filter operates precisely as needed, optimizing its efficiency. The Smart Reef app, available for Android, IOS, and browser-based operation, provides a user-friendly interface for seamless control.

Replacement filter roll

The certified non-woven material (50 microns) used in the Smart roller excels at removing larger particles from the water, ensuring a clean and clear aquarium environment. Importantly, it selectively removes impurities while leaving trace elements, NO3, and PO4 untouched—crucial components in saltwater aquaristics. This feature makes it an ideal companion for protein skimmers, contributing to a well-balanced aquatic ecosystem. The Smart roller outlasts many competing devices. The longer lifespan of the roll reduces the frequency of replacements, adding to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this innovative filtration system. Roll replacement is a breeze, ensuring minimal downtime and straightforward maintenance.

The ultra-efficient roll will last you even for as long as 4 months with the largest version of Smart roller, 3 months with the medium and 1.5 month if you decide to go with the small option.

Filter roller series

Versatility and Adjustable Flow - The Smart roller prides itself on an integrated media basket, providing additional filtration capabilities. With individually adjustable flow rates, users have precise control over the water circulation within their aquarium. The filter's compact size makes it suitable for even small sumps, offering flexibility in setup and service.

Smart Reef App - Controlling and monitoring the Smart roller is effortlessly done through the Smart Reef app. From creating and modifying dosing schedules to receiving alerts for a blocked roll, the app provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities. Users can even enjoy delayed start settings, adding an extra layer of customization to their aquarium maintenance routine.

Modern Design with Practical Features - The Smart roller is a powerhouse of technology combined with a modern design. With height-adjustable legs and the option for hanging, it adapts seamlessly to various aquarium setups. The drain is equipped with an element for additional filtration media, enhancing the overall filtration capacity. Thanks to its shape, Reef Factory’s Smart roller fits into any skimmer chamber adding to its convenience and versatility. 


Smart roller S

  • Overall Dimensions: 11'' x 5'' x 21.5''
  • Media Basket: 4'' x 4'' x 2''
  • Filter Roll dimensions: 4 inches x 131 feet
  • Inlet connection size:r 40 mm tubing / 1.57"
  • Maximum flow-through rate: 1320 GPH
  • Recommended aquarium Size: 130 Gallons

Smart roller M

  • Overall Dimensions: 15'' x 5'' x 21.5''
  • Media Basket: 6'' x 4'' x 2''
  • Filter roll dimensions: 7.87 inches x 131 feet
  • Inlet connection size: 40 mm tubing / 1.57"
  • Maximum flow-through rate: 2906 GPH
  • Recommended aquarium Size: 75 - 400 Gallons

Smart roller L

  • Overall Dimensions: 19" x 5'' x 21.5''
  • Media Basket: 10'' x 4'' x 2''
  • Filter Roll dimensions: 12 inches x 131 feet
  • Inlet connection size:r 40 mm tubing / 1.57"
  • Maximum flow-through rate: 3962 GPH
  • Recommended aquarium Size: 210+ Gallons

In the box:

  • Smart roller
  • Smart roller replacement filter mat
  • media basket
  • offset
  • liquid level sensor (50 cm / 20 inch)
  • hanger
  • sensor holder
  • closing the drain
  • spare empty roll fixture
  • flat knob 5x25 mm / 2'' x 10''
  • power supply
  • neodymium magnet mount