The Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI Systems are built specifically for aquarists and are available in 4, 5, 6, and 7-stage options. Each of the different systems comes with your choice of a 75, 100, 150, or 200 Gallon Per Day production rate. Both the 150 & 200 GPD systems utilize a water saver kit which is essentially two membranes plumbed in series to help produce water faster and cut the amount of wastewater in half. Every single RO/DI system is completely assembled with filters and comes with everything you need to connect the system at home and produce 0 TDS water. 

Learn how to choose the perfect RO/DI system to meet the needs of your reef aquarium in 3 easy steps. 

1. How Many Gallons Per Day (GPD)?

The GPD - Gallons Per Day is how much filtered 0 TDS water is produced in a 24-hour period. This is the production rate of the RO/DI system and should be chosen based on how much water you need to produce and how long you can wait for that water to be produced. Hobbyists with larger tanks need to produce more water and tend to prefer the higher GPD while hobbyists will smaller tanks are satisfied with smaller GPD systems.

2. Standard or Plus? 

All of the 4, 5, 6, and 7 Stage RO/DI filter systems can be purchased as a Standard or Plus model system. The only difference between the two is the Plus models include a TDS meter, pressure gauge, and flush valve kit to help you monitor the filter cartridges and flush the RO membrane to maintain optimal performance. 

3. How Many Filter Stages?

The last thing to decide is your filter stages which is arguably the most important decision. You want to choose the number of filter stages based on the quality of your source water and the possible contaminants that need to be removed. If you are just not sure what kind of tap water you have, the 4 and 5-stage systems are easily the most popular and cover will cover a majority of tap water conditions throughout the United States. The 6 and 7-stage systems offer better filter performance and are typically reserved for hobbyists with a heavy demand for purified DI water. 


4 Stage RO/DI System
4 Stage RO/DI Systems
The most popular RO/DI system because it is the most affordable and easy to store in a cabinet. The perfect system for first-timers and can easily be upgraded to accommodate a wide variety of source water conditions and tank demands. Will produce 0 TDS water and is great for nano tank owners and those of you starting out on a budget.

5 Stage RO/DI System
5 Stage RO/DI Systems
Our most recommended system because it includes an extra carbon block filter to filter out a wider variety of disinfectants commonly used in municipal water sources such as Chloramines. By having two carbon blocks, you can be sure you're not allowing these contaminants to damage your membrane or worse yet, find their way into your tank.

6 Stage RO/DI system
6 Stage RO/DI Systems
All of the benefits of the 5-stage system with the added benefit of two DI resin filters. The extra DI filter ensures contaminants will never sneak their way through your DI resin should you forget to change it out or you're finding the mixed bed resin is depleting quickly. Great for serious hobbyists with larger or multiple tanks resulting in heavier demands for fresh RO/DI water.

7 Stage RO/DI system
7 Stage RO/DI Systems
The most comprehensive tap-water filtration system that features the most efficient DI resin consumption thanks to the 3-stage Pro Series DI Resin filters. It is best suited for serious hobbyists who have a high demand for purified RO/DI water and wish to maximize the use of their RO filters and DI resin.



Optional Accessories

While your BRS RO/DI System will provide you with ultra-pure 0 TDS water for use in your reef aquarium, there are a variety of accessories that may enhance your experience using the RO/DI system.  

Booster Pump Kit - Increase water pressure into your RO/DI system to optimize production rate. 

Auto Shut-Off Kit - Add a float valve to automatically fill your freshwater reservoir.

Water Saver Kit - Add a second membrane to double your production rate and reduce your wastewater by 50%. (Included with 150 & 200 GPD RO/DI Systems)

Auto Flush Flow Kit - Automatically flush your RO membrane every time you use the RO/DI system to extend the RO membrane lifespan. 

Flow-Lok Leak Detector - Automatically stop the flow of water if your system springs a leak.

Flood Guardian - Electronically monitor the water level inside your RO/DI reservoir to ensure it doesn't overflow.

Triple DI Saver - Maximize your DI resin consumption (Included with 7-stage RO/DI Systems)

Add-On Drinking Water Faucet - Add a pressure tank to collect RO water for drinking using your RO/DI system

TDS Meters & Pressure Gauges - Measure the total dissolved solids and monitor water pressure to keep an eye on filter performance. (Included with PLUS model RO/DI systems)