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  1. 6 Stage Deluxe Plus 100 GPD RO/DI System - Bulk Reef Supply
    Bulk Reef Supply
    6 Stage Deluxe Plus 100 GPD RO/DI System - Bulk Reef Supply

    Earn 10,470 Reward Points Earn 1,745 Reward Points

  2. 5 Stage Premium 75 GPD RO/DI System - Bulk Reef Supply
    Bulk Reef Supply
    5 Stage Premium 75 GPD RO/DI System - Bulk Reef Supply

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Learn how to purchase the RIGHT Reverse Osmosis system for your aquarium. Our hosts break it down and describe the difference between all of the Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI system options and provide some extremely useful insight into choosing the system that suits your particular needs so you won't be left wanting more.

4 Stage - The most popular RO/DI system because it is the most affordable and most portable system. The perfect system for your first-time RO/DI system and can easily be upgraded to accommodate a wide variety of source water conditions and tank demands. Will produce 0 TDS water in most all water situations and is great for nano tank owners and those of you starting out on a budget.   

5 Stage - Our most recommended system because it includes an extra carbon block filter.  The extra carbon block filters out a wider variety of disinfectants commonly used in municipal water sources such as Chloramines. When it's all said and done, a majority of reefers are best suited with a 5 stage system because these common disinfectants will deplete a single carbon block filter pretty quickly in many cases. By having two carbon blocks, you can be sure you're not allowing for these contaminants to damage your membrane or worse yet, find their way into your tank.  

6 Stage - All of the benefits of the 5 stage system with dual carbon blocks and the added benefit of two DI resin filters. The extra DI filter ensures contaminants will never sneak their way through your DI resin should you forget to change it out or you're finding the mixed bed resin is depleting quickly. Great for serious hobbyists with larger or multiple tanks resulting in heavier demands for fresh RO/DI water.  

7 Stage - The BEST! The most valuable and the most comprehensive freshwater filtration system we make.  In this case, you get the dual carbon filters along with a total of three DI resin filter stages. This 3 stage DI filter approach is what we call the "Pro Series DI Resin" where you take advantage of single bed DI resin in addition to the mixed bed resin used on all of the others. This is easily the most economical approach to DI resin filtration and allows you to target the contaminants that dominate your particular source of water resulting in less resin waste.  It is best suited for only the most dedicated hobbyists who really want to maximize the use of their RO filters and DI resin.  

GPD - In addition to the number of filter stages, consider the rate at which the system produces 0 TDS water or GPD - Gallons Per Day. This is how much filtered 0 TDS water is produced in a 24 hour period.  Do the math to calculate how long you will be waiting to make that 20 gallons of water you need for a water change. The 75 GPD is the most efficient option in terms of how well the RO membrane rejects waste.   

Water Saver - The water saver option is available to double this production rate and reduce waste water with the addition of an extra RO membrane.  The way it works is simple, you send your waste water from the first RO membrane through a second membrane filter and then combine the product of both into a single product water line. Two 75 GPD RO membranes = 150 GPD production and two 100 GPD RO membranes = 200 GPD total production.   

PLUS Options - Finally, you have to choose from either our Standard or PLUS model RO/DI systems. The difference here is included accessories in which the PLUS systems come retrofitted with a TDS meter and pressure gauge to help you gauge your filter consumption along with a flush valve kit that allows you to flush contaminants from your RO membrane. We most always recommend you choose the PLUS option because ultimately your going to want these accessories to ensure the best possible performance and change out your filter cartridges on time.   

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