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Best known in the saltwater aquarium community for their NeoMarine Salt Mix and complete line of reef aquarium additives, Brightwell Aquatics specializes in scientifically sound and high-quality aquarium solutions that cover a wide range of applications. If you look just a little deeper, you will find an incredible array of products including filter media, bacterial supplements, coral nutrients, coral dips, medications, and water conditioners. 

We pulled the numbers to find out which Brightwell Aquatics products are the most popular among reef tank owners and Bulk Reef Supply customers to help all of you find the right solutions for your reef. Check out the top 10 best-selling and most highly-regarded products from Brightwell Aquatics.

Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter 7
MicroBacter 7 - Complete Bioculture
Establish biofiltration and rapidly improve
water quality in saltwater aquariums

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Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's Solution
Lugol's Solution - Advanced Iodine
Increase iodine levels in a reef aquarium
or use it as a coral dip for new corals

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Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix
NeoMarine Salt Mix
Scientifically formulated artificial salt mix
that replicates natural seawater

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Brightwell Aquatics NeoNitro & NeoPhos
NeoNitro & NeoPhos  - Balanced Nutrients
Maintain optimal Nitrate and Phosphate
levels in low nutrient aquaria

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Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter CLEAN
MicroBacter CLEAN - Microbial Culture
Natural enzymes that clean the
surfaces of live rock and decor

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Brightwell Aquatics ChaetoGro
ChaetoGro Refugium Fertilizer
Minor and trace element solution to
support lush macroalgae growth

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Brightwell Aquatics Phosphat E
Phosphat-E Liquid Phosphate Remover
Liquid phosphate remover that precipitates
phosphate molecules for easy removal

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Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino
CoralAmino - Free Form Amino Acids
Provide complete nutrition to boost growth and
achieve optimal coloration among your corals

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Brightwell Aquatics Xport
Xport Media - Biological Filtration
Ultra-porous biological filter media for
the colonization of beneficial bacteria

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Brightwell Aquatics Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit
MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Kit
Quickly establish a fishless cycle
in a saltwater aquarium using dry rock

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