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4oz Eco-Balance NaH20 Probiotic Bacteria - Dr.Tim's

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8oz Eco-Balance NaH20 Probiotic Bacteria - Dr.Tim's

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16oz Eco-Balance NaH20 Probiotic Bacteria - Dr.Tim's

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32oz Eco-Balance NaH20 Probiotic Bacteria - Dr.Tim's

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64oz Eco-Balance NaH20 Probiotic Bacteria - Dr.Tim's

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128oz Eco-Balance NaH20 Probiotic Bacteria - Dr.Tim's

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    Probiotics for Saltwater Aquarium Core Health

    Eco-Balance helps promote optimal water quality by implementing probiotic bacteria that will keep your tank balanced with a 100% natural solution.

    Six Sizes Available:

    • 4oz (treats up to 120 gallons)
    • 8oz (treats up to 240 gallons)
    • 16oz (treats up to 480 gallons)
    • 32oz (treats up to 960 gallons)
    • 64oz (treats up to 1920 gallons)
    • 128oz (treats up to 3840 gallons)


    Eco-Balance is 100% natural probiotic bacteria supplement that will help reduce the numbers of bad bacteria from your reef tank. By adding Dr. Tims Eco-Balance once a week you can restore bacteria levels back to normal in a balanced fashion. By maintaining your aquariums bacteria, it will help promote healthy and clean water for your animals. 



    Shake well before using, and add 10mL (1 capful) per 10 gallons of aquarium water once per week. Do not add more than one bacteria supplement per day, doing so may cause adverse reactions. 

    Note: It is important to turn off any skimmers, reactors, or UV sterilizers before adding Eco-Balance. 


    Cycling a new aquarium or need to combat Cyanobacteria or other algae?

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