While most hobbyists feed their corals, there is often more than can be done to provide your tank with complete optimal nutrition. Hobbyists don't often think about how their filtration can affect the availability of food in the aquarium, between mechanical filters, protein skimmers, and even water changes, we are constantly trying to remove food and dissolved nutrients that our corals need to survive, not to mention the competition among tankmates. 

Restōr from Brightwell Aquatics provides a heavy dose of both amino and fatty acids which are quickly removed from or consumed in most aquaria. Restōr contains both free-form and complex amino acids along with essential fatty acids which are required for a variety of biological functions and tissue growth among your corals.  With frequent target feeding, you will ensure your corals are not starved of these essential nutrients, support healthy tissue growth and coloration, and can even help to heal fresh frags or damaged corals.

Acanthastria Echinata

Why Should You Use Brightwell Aquatics Restōr?

  • Improves coloration
  • Supports healthy coral tissue
  • Can reverse symptoms of STN 
  • Heal damaged or sick coral

Compared to other amino acid supplements, the product does not require refrigeration and still provides all of the benefits. It's a concentrated formula and should be target fed directly into your corals daily without exceeding more than 5mL per 50 gallons of aquarium water. You can also use Restor as an effective food soak, adding about 2-5mL to your daily dose of coral food, soak food for up to 10 minutes, then proceed to spot feed as normal. Your protein skimmer will remove Brightwell Restor quite quickly from the aquarium water which should be turned off while feeding your tank.

**ProTip - Don't contaminate the product with saltwater from our aquarium to ensure the product stores well. Measure using a separate measuring cup, then add to your food for target feeding.