How do I use Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino?

You can either target feed or broadcast feed (dose) CoralAmino into your reef tank. Target feeding (recommended daily) is going to be more effective because you will be getting more amino acids into your corals directly but it does require a bit more effort. Broadcast feeding or simply dosing into a powerhead will work too, it's just not as efficient in terms of delivering the amino acids directly to your coral. 

Target Feeding:

  1. Turn OFF the protein skimmer
  2. Draw up at least 1-2 mL of CoralAmino using the glass bulb syringe*.
  3. Squirt the CoralAmino into a small container or measuring spoon.
  4. Using a separate plastic pipette, draw up the CoralAmino from the container or spoon.
  5. Proceed to spot feed the tank.
  6. Turn ON the skimmer after 15-20 minutes.

*Never contaminate the glass syringe with salt water. Use the syringe ONLY for drawing CoralAmino out of the bottle but never use it to feed the corals directly. Use a separate pipette or syringe to target feed your aquarium. You want to avoid running the risk of getting even the smallest amount of saltwater in your CoralAmino bottle. 

Broadcast Feeding:

  1. Turn OFF the Protein skimmer
  2. Add 10-20 drops per 50 gallons to a high flow area of your tank.
  3. Turn ON the skimmer after 15-20 minutes.

What does Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino do?

Amino Acids are simple organic compounds that are the building blocks of proteins. The effects are seen in corals by assisting and encouraging new tissue growth and enhancing vibrant coloration.  

  • Provides the building blocks for coral tissue
  • Encourage new tissue growth
  • Encourages growth via budding or fission
  • Enhances vibrant coloration

Can you overdose Amino Acids in a reef tank?

Yes, too much CoralAmino can cause a cyanobacteria outbreak. 

Do corals need amino acids?

Yes, they absolutely need amino acids. In fact, all living things need amino acids. Some amino acids we produce organically while others we get via food or supplementation.

Do corals NEED Brightwell CoralAmino specifically?  No, they do not but it has been proven time and time again to improve both growth and coloration among corals. So why not?! 

Will my protein skimmer remove Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino?

Some amino acids can be removed by a protein skimmer so that is why it is best to turn it OFF for at least 15-20 minutes when using CoralAmino.