The all-new A3 Apex is the latest evolution of the popular ApexEL system of days past. While it is a fully capable control and monitoring system, it hits a middle-of-the-road price point by only focusing on the most critical features that reef tank owners need to be successful and embraces the fluid monitoring upgrades we see across the entire A3 series.

A3 Apex Base Unit
A3 Apex Package Contents

A3 Apex Base Unit

  • 3 FMM Ports
  • 6 Switch Digital Input
  • 2 Aquabus Ports
  • 1 pH/ORP* probe port
  • 1 Temperature probe port
  • Both WiFi & Ethernet compatible
  • New built-in audible alarm

What's In The Box

What's New With The A3 Apex?

Audible Alarm

The new A3 Apex Base has an internal audible alarm to compliment the included fluid monitoring sensors and can notify you immediately when something goes wrong. You can use the alarm for any function in Apex Fusion so even if you're ignoring your phone's notifications while relaxing at home, the alarm won't go unnoticed. 

Fluid Monitoring Ports

Three new fluid monitoring ports allow you to connect leak sensors, flow sensors, and optical sensors directly to the Apex Base unit so you don't have to purchase the separate FMM module for this critical monitoring capability. 

Includes MOS and LD-2 Sensor

To make good use of those new fluid monitoring ports, the A3 Apex includes both the MOS - Magnetic Optical Sensor and the LD-2 Leak Detection sensor. That means right out of the box your A3 Apex can monitor your aquarium around the clock for unexpected leaks and a specific water/fluid level anywhere on your system. While the LD-2 is almost always used to monitor the area underneath or around the tank for water, the MOS is more flexible and can be used to monitor your return pump chamber, skimmer cup, additive container, mixing station, freshwater reservoir, or anywhere else that you want to be notified of changing fluid levels.

New temp probe

Temp probe in holder

New Temperature Probe

The new temperature probe is something worthy of note because it is much more streamlined than previous temperature probes and matches the profile of the 1/2" diameter pH and ORP probes. No more struggling to find a probe holder that is compatible with an awkwardly bulky probe because the new temperature probe will now fit into any probe holder! 

Unrivaled Control and Tank-Saving Protection

Of course, Neptune Systems did not want to take away any of the control and expansion capabilities that make their Apex system the most widely trusted aquarium control device on the market. You still get the reliable EB832 energy bar with additional AquaBus, 1Link, and 24v DC ports to expand your system and control all of your devices.

The built-in power monitoring is incredibly useful for not only monitoring power to your aquarium but also keeping a close eye on the performance of your life support equipment. Combine that with the Fusion Heartbeat feature and you can be notified whenever your tank is at risk of suffering from power failure or faulty equipment.

Neptune Systems A3 Apex on Adaptive Reef Controller Board

Did you know the EB832 is the only ETL/UL Certified controllable power bar that is suitable for aquarium use? Safe and reliable control for your reef can only be found with Neptune Systems.

The A3 Apex is 100% backward compatible with all of your existing Apex modules and devices and the expansion possibilities of your system are near limitless. A single A3 Apex can handle multiple EB832 devices as well as an almost endless number of additional modules and Neptune Systems accessories so even if you have multiple tanks, just one A3 Apex is all you need.